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Henry is such a food addict.

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We left this morning for an overnight trip so we had to take care of the cats before we left. Henry eats a different food than the other 2 cats so we had to keep him in his own room while we were gone.

We left him in his bedroom with his litter box, water, toys, scratching post, and a bowl with 2 days of dry food. He already ate his wet food that morning and we're coming back tomorrow afternoon so we left more food than we really needed to.

I came in to the room right before leaving and he had scarfed down the ENTIRE bowl of dry food.

If we free-fed him, he'd probably weigh 20 lbs. by now. I've never met a cat with huge food issues as Henry. We can't open the pantry door without him bolting into it. Chloe will do the same thing (go into the pantry, where the cat food is kept), but Henry is so fast that you really can't keep him out. I've tried and it's nearly impossible, he's so quick. The poor guy thinks that he'll starve.

He's so aggressive with food, but in a sweet natured way. I will go into the room with the dry food in my hand in a measuring scoop and he'll jump up and knock the food out of my hand so it scatters all over the floor. He can't wait 5 more seconds for me to put the dry food in the bowl, he has to take matters into his own hands.

Its funny, but also kind of sad too.
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You can get automatic feeders like this one that you can program to feed at specific times. Something like that might work the next time you have to be away. That way your kitty can't stuff himself at the beginning and have to go hungry the rest of the time.
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