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Lion has been adopted!

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Third time's the charm. I posted Goldy, Lion, and Cali on two weeks ago. After a number of scam emails I finally got a real one from a couple in Flagstaff who wanted to adopt Lion. I had spoken to them on the phone and emailed back and forth several times. They were planning to be in Phoenix this weekend and were going to make a side trip to meet Lion at 3:00 this afternoon. In the meantime I had gotten two more emails from people who were interested in Lion.

About 1:00 I had a call from the Flagstaff couple saying that they had not been able to make the trip and had been reconsidering whether they were in a position to provide the best home for a kitten. They're students living in a small apartment.

So I called the second person on the list. She had already adopted another kitten from a shelter, even though Lion had been her first choice.

The third person I called back turned out to be a great match. She had to have her 13-year-old cat pts Christmas week. She said at the time she was never going to get another cat because she couldn't go through that again. We all know how that goes. A week ago her boss brought his kitten to work and she decided that she really needs a kitty in her life. She saw Lion's picture on petfinder and fell in love.

She was very disappointed when I told her that Lion was already spoken for, and so excited when I called her back today to say he was still available for adoption. She'd said they had gone to a shelter but there were far too many kitties there. She wanted to take them all home but hadn't really clicked with any one in particular.

She only lives about 40 minutes away and was able to come out this afternoon to meet Lion. Her husband and little boy (2 years old?) came with her so the whole family could be introduced. They sat on the floor and let Lion come to them. They spent quite a bit of time playing with a dangle toy until he got over being shy. He actually warmed up to the little boy first.

I sent an old blanket, a couple of toys, and some food with him so he would have familiar things to help with the transition. He was looking very comfortable when they took him out to their car.

I'm going to miss my big boy but I think he's going to be spoiled rotten in his new home.
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Awww.... that is such great news!!! Congratulations! He will be spoiled rotten, and will be the little boy's best friend from now until after he goes to College! What a wonderful gift you have given to that family!!!
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That's super he got adopted!

for Goldy & Cali now!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
That's super he got adopted!

for Goldy & Cali now!
Thanks. I need to post new ads on petfinder for the girls. They expire after 14 days. Maybe without the competition from Lion they will get noticed.
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Yay!!!!!! Sounds like a good match!
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Thjat is so great
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I had an email from Lion's new meowmy. She said he's made himself right at home, is sleeping with them at night. He's hissing at the dogs some (he's never been around dogs) and thinks he's a real lion.
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Congratulations to Lion, his new family & you
Sending prayers and vibes that Cali & Iris go to wonderful homes very soon, as well, hopefully together
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