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Today would have been our moms bday but she died from breast cancer in 1999

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It will be 10 years in Sept since our mom died from breast cancer.
Today would have been her bday.
She was adoped as a baby and who new she would tell within 10 years of our grandparents.
We are searching for my moms real family for medical reason and other things.
Here is a picture of my mom.
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She was beautiful!I am so sorry for your loss.I know how painful it is to lose someone you love to cancer,My Mother passed away Jan 6 2006 from lung cancer.You never stop missing them.Good luck in your quest to find her family.I wish you much luck!!
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So sorry about your mom.
My grandpa died from lung cancer taht spread everywhere and my moms breastcancer went to her lungs.
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and support. She was beautiful.

Was your mom's adoption through a state adoption? I know in the state I was adopted (Maryland) there is a way to get the records through the state, but it costs about $200 here, and basically it's up to the natural mother (or family) if they want to share unless it's a medical emergency. I'm adopted and am thinking about that process right now.

If she was adopted through a private service it would probably be easier.
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Your mom is beautiful! And I bet she was just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. Best of luck on finding her parents. I know it'll be a difficult, but keep trying, you never know, maybe she has sisters or brothers that are looking for her or her family.

My mom died in 2004 of lymphoma, and there are very few days I don't think of her and miss her. She had this magical way of knowing exactly what to say to make me feel better or to see something in a better way or make something work better or any number of things that make a mom a mom!
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I have the adoption papers.
It has her real name on it and there is no father listed.
It also has her moms real name.
I do not care about paying.
They might be dead by now also.
My mom was born in 1945 and the adoption says closed 1947.
She was adoped in calif.
I am searching for medical reasons and backgrounds.
Star sorry about your mom.
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I'm sorry hun. She was beautiful. On the 21st of Feb it will be the 3 yr anniversary of my mom's death. You never stop missing them, sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that she passed.

and thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family.
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I am so sorry. My grandpa died 9 years ago today from lung cancer and though its not the same as a mother, you never do stop missing them
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I'm sorry about your mother. She was such a beautiful lady. Good luck in finding your mothers biological family.
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Bless her Happy Birthday to her I hope you find her biological family
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Oscarsmommy sorry about your grandpa.

LayItDown sorry about your mom.
Everyone else thanks.
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I'm sorry for your loss

Good Luck with finding them!
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Sorry for your loss that is very hard
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I'm so sorry hon.
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