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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
The entire thing raises a red flag to me - I'd be thinking about stopping payment on the check.
That's what I was thinking...Isn't it too early for payment anyway? don't you have to wait until the kitty is ready to be shipped?
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I think the safest way is COD.... I would put a stop in the check, and look elsewhere. Definitely....
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I require a non-refundable deposit to hold a kitten and in cases where I ship, the balance is due before shipping. I would never ask for full payment on a kitten so young.

Have any contracts been signed?
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My sister only put a deposit down and the contrct is signed.
The breeder emailed her back a few minutes ago.
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Hi,I just wanted to clarify that the breeder never asked for full payment I only paid deposit,and I never have had a communication problem with the breeder.she responds to me everytime I email her.I'm not sure where anyone got that she is not responding to me. I called earlier today but she didn't answer because she was not home.The full payment is due before she gets shipped. I am talking to the breeder about the pedigree of the kittens parents.I do appreciate everyones opinion, and I understand everyones concern.
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Fairy Kitten. I hope you are happy with this kitten. But IMO if you have your heart set on a Devon, then the kitten SHOULD look like one. I know you don't want to show it, and that's perfectly ok. But its not a 100% Devon. Believe me, I've seen many Devon and Cornish kittens. Even if they don't have a curly coat for awhile, the type is there.

I would hate for you to be ripped off. She might be a nice breeder and lady and respond, but she's really not selling you a Devon kitten. I don't know if its a cross breed or what. Discount or not, I would not buy this kitten.

As a long time cat owner and a breeder of Cornish, I don't want to see people get gyped out of a "breed". I took a look at the website - there is a lot of red flags with this breeder. She can admit that the coat is not right (and she's right), but she's not telling you the entire truth about this kitten. Even if its coat was wrong, if it was a true Devon, it would have a little resemblance (ears, head).

Like I said before - my son had a 1/2 Devon and he really didn't look like a Devon and was not sold as a Devon - he was sold as a Devon hybrid (actually she gave the kitten to him). This breeder is trying to tell you its a Devon with a non-curly coat. And that is so wrong.
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I agree with GoldenKitty45. I know it may seem at the moment like you are already developing feelings for your future kitty and it may be really hard to say no...But I know what it feels like to have paid money for an animal that is not what the breeder claimed. It sux. Even though you love your animal you still feel resentful about what happened and the more you fall in love with the animal the more you feel hurt that the breeder wasn't honest...It seems pointless to me to get a kitten that has devon genes but doesn't look anything like a devon. I mean, unless you breed it, isn't the way it looks the only reason why you actually want a devon?
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I agree with those who advised you not to get this kitten. I understand having your heart set on a kitten and finding that everything isn't as you had thought. When I was looking for a Siamese kitten I had found a breeder who sounded excellent and like she really cared about her kittens, emailed back and forth with her for almost a month when she dropped the bombshell that her cats were not registered! And get this, another Siamese breeder (who shows her cats) who did not have kittens at that time reccommended her to me! Let's be honest here, if I had wanted a non-registered Siamese I could have gotten a completely lovely one for about $100 in the paper. After all of the time spent ooohhhing and ahhhhing over that kittens pictures and talking to the breeder daily for weeks I did feel somewhat attached to the kitten, but I couldn't let myself support a breeder like that. After that experience I did my research and found the breeder I wanted to have a kitten from, and it was 6 months later that I brought my gorgeous Ruin home. She is everything I wanted in a cat and every moment that I waited for her was worth it!
Also, if the kitten you're getting is a hybrid then there is no guarantee that she even has the personality of a Devon. To me personality is the most important aspect of choosing a pedigree cat, so there is no way that I would buy one without being able to have the reasonable expectation that it will atleast have the personality of the breed you want. And you would be having the kitten shipped to you, so you wouldn't even be meeting it first to see what it's personality is like!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
to me, the ears don't look right... see this kitten? those huge ears?

Wow! What a beautiful cat!!! I've never seen a tabby devon rex.
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Has your sister received any answers?
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She has some answers.
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Any updates?
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My Sister is still getting the kitten.
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