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You and your sister can each have your own screen name. You will just have to sign in every time you sign on. I have done this with my boys and hubby. We are then unique when we are on this site.
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Great idea, DragonLady!
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haha, She doesn't have then internet....She just came up to use mine. She is a rather farm girl type if you know what I mean. Old fasion life. She said she saw the site up(loved it) and she decided to type. I didn't know she actually had used my name. I didn't follow the rules...I'm a bad gal. heeh But no really, it won't happen again(I hope) Geez the forum on poultry...which I use for my ducks, they aren't to nice to anyone. Well, of course they aren't they don't like cats. haha. Someone asked some question on housing ducklings and they kicked her out of the forum. I am so happy yall aren't like that. We love cats, we are cool people. Thanks for the help. I would definitly be lost without yall.
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We aim to please!!!
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haha. Dragonlady, I am interested in persians....Do you have pictures of your babies?
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I just updated the photos Friday. DragonPassCats
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In case you read this Chriztal,

I merged your thread asking everyones age into the one that was already started prior. Your thread was not deleted, just merged in with that one. I tried to PM you, but I'm not sure if you read your PM's, it didn't appear that you did.

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PM? private message ......thats right....LOL, well I thought if I get a PM it comes up and tells me I got a pm? Why won't it do it? Thanks for catching me on that.
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...hey, I tried messaging you on Aol messager but you didn't reply. I was going to ask you about your cats, and your website. Why aren't the pictures coming up? May'be you could mesage me on aol?
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The pop-up function doesn't work. You can get email notification that you have a PM.
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haha, okay now they are up, not sure if you had anything to do with but thanx anyway!
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I have also merged your thread addressed to DragonLady with this one. Please try to keep responses about a single topic in a single thread. With over 4000 members and a completely volunteer moderator squad, we count on our members to post responsibly.
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O man, I did it again didn't I? I am so sorry again. I know I must be keeping yall busy! I don't mean to do it. I just click on the wrong thread title...so sorry
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