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Rescued kitten from farm

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A lady who loves animals has a huge farm around where I live. One of her cat's just had kittens. I felt really bad for her since she is in condition to take care of her kittens. (She is in the hospital) I took in three of them. Two of them died(poor babies)Well, there is one left, and no matter what I do, she doesn't really care much for people. She had worms when we got her, but she is all better with that now. She had gotten alot of shots, and was in a cage around alot of dogs. Do you think that is why is she shakey and jittery? It seems she only likes my fiance. She only likes me if I have food with me
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It can take a while for a cat to calm down, take them away from the dogs and keep him in a safe quiet and cozy location in your house, hopefully near you.

If she is still shaky and jittery you might want to consider talking to a vet about any type if nurological damage.

Barn cats CAN make wonderful pets, but certainly not all of them.
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You could try placing a sweatshirt you have worked out in (unwashed) under the food dishes. I would also play with them with a wand toy so you don't get too close. Keeping very quiet and playing softly with her is the key.
Best of luck with your kitty!
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Well, the thing is, I keep her away from my doggies...Well, the cat is home sick, I think she is sad because of her sisters and brothers died. It's not that the cat is scared of me or anyone. More like, she just isn't friendly like the rest of the kittens. Like I said, she loves my fiance so much.(so do I) He calls her his cat. I just don't understand why she doesn't like me. She doesn't rub up on me or anything, she doesn't come to me. She just isn't friendly....do you know what I mean?
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It could be something you've done in the past that was detremental to this cat, but innocent to you, and causes her to act this way.
Perhaps there is a smell on you she doesn't like.

Or maybe she just doesn't favor you, cats can and will have favorites, just ask my 3 kitties, my fiance is longing for an animal that is actually HIS, and not just amuse themselves with him while I'm away.

Hopefully in time she will come around, but perhaps not, and you'll just have to take that as her personality.
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