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Nine years...

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Today is nine years since my beloved grandfather passed away. He and I were very close even though my grandparents lived in AZ. I haven't been out there since he passed away and I cry at least a handful time a month because I miss him so much. My mom thinks I need to go out there to visit and tell him good-bye properly for some closure. I remember the day he died perfectly well and its like a nightmare over and over again. For Christmas, my family did a memory exchange. My grandma sent a letter she wrote with pictures of her and I when I was little and one also that she wrote from my grandpa. I was absolutely hysterical when I opened that letter Christmas Day. There were pictures I have never seen but remember so easily.

It's just hard...I miss him so much and I know my grandma misses him just as much. The older my dad gets the more he looks like my Grandpa and its so scary.

Just needed to get this off my chest
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Bless your heart I still miss my Grandpa too and he's been gone for 20 years, it's a testament to how wonderful they are Keep the memories alive in your heart and in your mind
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Oh honey . Sometimes these things just hit you in the face. Yesterday was the anniversary of my FIL's death and I know how hard it can be.

I rarely go to visit my parents' graves because to me they aren't there, they are in my heart. But, it might help you to go to visit your grandfather. Or it may just help to visit your grandmother and share memories without visiting his resting site.

The memory exchange your family did was a great idea. I know going through my grandparents things I found pictures that I never saw, but they brought back memories of that day. To me, they are treasures, and I'm sure the pictures you received are to priceless to you.

All I can do is offer virtual hugs, and support.
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Awwwww - I know how it feels. Some for you!
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Aww, that must be so hard

Some hugs for you hugs:
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