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Saturday!! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Very cold and looks like we are in for some more snow here.

Not much planned for today, I am feeling a bit under the weather, excuse the pun. Seriously though this up and down air pressure has got my poor old joints really sore and today seems to be the day they decided to act up all at once.

So I guess I will spend the day either puttering on the computer or watching tv or maybe napping. I just took a couple of heavy -duty painkillers so the latter is most likely they make me very sleepy.

The kitties are good this morning, in their usual spot birdwatching right now.

Hope everyone has a good day
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you too my friend!...
I just boring work on my office today!.-......
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Good morning. Coolish here today. We're going to see the movie LAST CHANCE HARVEY with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman at noon today. For some reason I really want to see this. Couldn't be because two of my favorite actors are in it, could it?
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I'm sitting around sipping on my coffee, surfing TCS, and pondering what I want to do today.

Saturday is normally the day I go over to my parents and do laundry, but they're out of town today. I'm thinking I'll wait until tomorrow when they get back.

I'm out of bread, sandwich meat, and the breakfast bars I eat at work every day, so I need to go out for groceries at some point as well.

I need to put my new tag sticker on my car today because tonight at midnight I turn into a pumpkin. I also need to stop by an auto zone and get some new wipers and wiper fluid.

Decent weather today, up to 7 C and sunny. Tre is sitting here on my lap, Tiny and Thufir are napping on the couch and the recliner, respectively, and Promise is recovering from the play session we had with her wand toy a few minutes ago.
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It beautiful here in Kansas, 50 or 60 degrees I think. I have a much need hair appointment and this morning I dropped off Wil and Mya to get spayed.
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Waiting for the ice to melt.
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It's supposed to warm up to reach a high of 0 sometime this evening

I'm having a very lazy morning.... still in my housecoat, had a coffee... browsing online...

This afternoon its chores time... Laundry, dishes, snake stuff, groceries etc. It'll be spread out between today and tommorrow.

Have a good day folks.
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Just doing some homework during the day, then going out on a nice date with my boyfriend. We usually just stay in together, so this will be a treat.
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I dropped DH off at the airport first thing this morning. He's going to Boston to spend my stepson's birthday with him. I'm spending today getting ready for tomorrow...I have a handful of people coming over for the Super Bowl.
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My work cancelled my shift due to no call volume.

I started to feel a twinge of a cold coming yesterday. Now it feels like its going to be a bad chest cold. I will be home all day trying to nurse it.
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I worked until midnight last night and got up early today so I'm really tired! I know an afternoon nap is on the agenda today!

I went grocery shopping this morning. My groceries are still sitting in my mini cart because my feet are too sore to even entertain the idea of standing up long enough to put them away.

I have someone coming to clean my apartment this afternoon. She's coming in about 75 minutes and I need to do a few things before she comes IE: clean the cat litter box so that I don't have to reclean the tub after she's gone later, do my dishes and pick up the stuff from the floor around my bed (books, glasses).
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I literally feel your pain about the cold weather and the achy joints! I'm only 40, but I've had arthritis in my knees since my mid 20's, and the past few years its made itsself known in my hips too.....and I love cold weather! Seriously, the heat of summer really wears me down......can't win, I don't guess, lol!

Not much here today, I have some dishes to stick in the dishwasher, must scrub the kitchen floor, vacuum, sort some clean laundry and clean the litterboxes....not too much work, so I'm hoping to find some sewing time this afternoon.....I've been in the mood for that lately, lol!

Hope you all have a good one!
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Looks like after my daughter in law gets home from work. I'm off to Sears to buy a new vacumm cleaner. Mine died when I tried to use it this morning... Just what I don't need as the truck had to be fixed yesterday for over $500.00..
Suns out and mid 20s I'm going to take granddaughter outside for abit and let her play in the snow..
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We are getting our taxes done then I am taking Coco to the vet and will do sub q's for the first time by myself.
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Well its sunny and supposed to reach about 30F later this afternoon but its windy which drops the temp to the lower teens.
We went to look at a wood chipper this morning as we got the confirmation that ours bit the dust and would cost way too much to repair this 15 yr old machine.
So I'm to put the thing on craiglist for parts-we'll see if anyone wants it so it goes to the salvage yard!!
Did some house chores and will continue to cut out the fabric for my kitchen valance.
I thought I ordered way to much fabric and it turns out I have about 28" left over from the special order fabric so far. Not really enough to make something except a pillow.
Had to load up the feeders and cut the bread for the turkey's.
I'm calling them the Gabor sisters though this morning I only had two visit-they'll come back later!
Making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner I've got the meatballs mixed up but have to start on the sauce.
The kits are on their noon naptime!
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We joined the YMCA today so we're going to go swimming and then go shopping and pick up a movie at Hastings. I hope everyone has a great day. We were gonna go see he's just no that into you but it doesn't come out til next weekend darn it!
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Good Sunday morning, folks!

I had a night sleep in this morning since I worked so late last night. I'm just relaxing on TCS today and watching the Shortland Street omnibus. I've got a family coming to visit their kitten this afternoon and I've got work at 6pm until 11pm.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Evening everyone!

I had an oil change appointment today, and then went grocery shopping. Got out of the real quick, it's always a mad house on the weekends. I really need to start shopping during the week. Came home and cleaned the apartment then felt really tired, so I took a nap, which I never do. And now I feel yucky, with a headache. Hoping the fiance will make me dinner when he gets home. Maybe watching Lakeview Terrace tonight too.

Have a good night everyone!
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Today it was kind of chilly, unless you were in the sun. Or moving out of a storage unit

Spent the day moving all of our stuff out of the storage unit we've been renting for about a year. Moved all of it into our new house, YAY! We actually got most of it with just using the Acura Integra and my future SIL's Saturn. Rob was working on the truck while me, MIL and FSIL were moving stuff. We stuck a recliner in the hatch of the Acura That had to have been a sight. I took pictures but left the camera at our house (typing this at the in-laws, we have no cable or i-net yet).

Then we got the big stuff out, the neighbor helped and then Rob & his dad picked up the last 2 things. Assembled a lot of stuff and took a lot of stuff out of boxes, then went on date night to Applebees to talk with our friend and get some good food. Went shopping for trash cans and stuff, now we're about to go home and get some sleep before moving the fish tanks tomorrow (two 55gal and one 10gal!)
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