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how wet is a cat's nose?

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Ok: funny question: How wet is a cat's nose supposed to be?
Bugsy's nose feels wet - it is not running, and it is not mucous, but it feels wet to the touch, and I can see some little tiny water drops on my finger, when I touch it...
I am not sure if he is lethargic, because he has been very mellow since he got here. He eats well, drinks lots of water, and plays a little - but he is definitely much quieter than Lucky - maybe because he is still adapting from his surroundings...

Anyway: I will be taking him to the vet this Tuesday, as I need to get their health certificate before moving to California.

Should I be worried? He is not coughing or sneezing (only sometimes when he goes to the box, and it's super dusty fresh step)...
Does this sound normal, or this wet nose is a cold?
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I'm pretty sure they're normally dry but I wouldn't worry about it since you're going to the vet next week, just mention it then.

How soon are you going to be moving?
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Cats' noses are normally wet. And cold. Just let them put it on your bare skin while you're trying to sleep! Sterling likes to sleep with his nose against skin, and it's like a tiny ice cube.
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This might sound weird, but I think it depends on the cat! My cat's nose is wet and cold, and she likes to wake me up by putting it on my lips. My boyfriend's two cats have dry noses.
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I think it depends on the cat, too. My Harvey always had a reallywet nose. He'd sometimes give you a bit of a shower if he shook his head too close to you. EWWWW!! Forest's nose is usally damp, but not wet, and Tailer's is dry.
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It probably has more to do with what the cat has been doing. But a hot, dry nose is not a good sign!
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Nora's nose is really cold and wet also. Same as Bugsy's.
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Jake's nose is different all the time. It is very wet and cold sometimes. But if he has been sleeping then it's dry...I've freaked out when it was too wet sometimes but within the end of the day or so it gets back to being dry...
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9/10 Jack's nose is wet. It's never dripping though.

I often get it pushed up my nostril when we go to bed while he settles down for the night beside me
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Alpine's nose changes wetness levels all the time. Sometimes it's damp and cold, sometimes it's dry and cold, sometimes it's dry and warm. I've never seen her nose wet enough that it ran. If I noticed it was constantly running, then I might start to worry something was wrong.
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