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Got my little guy neutered today

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I must say, as a man, it was difficult to do.

8pm the night before: Party of the year. I took him to all the pussy cat clubs in town. He will remember that night for the rest of his life.

8:30am, Friday: I park just far away from the Vet's clinic so that the staff cannot see me in my car. I open the door to my Enzo...Well, let me explain that, the door is connected to the carrier and Enzo is my cat. I drive a 1998 Ford Contour (I hope somebody gets this joke).

"Man, this is going to suck, buddy. It wasn't my fault....(pause). The people at the catsite recommended this." I then stroke my Enzo as he lets out a V12 roar.

I take my buddy in my hand, knowing his life will soon change.

We enter the vet's office. I say a "Good morning" to the receptionist and mention my appointment time and name. She smirks at us in a most taunting fashion, "Ohhhh, you're here for the balls removal operation."

Enzo's eyes dilate at her remark and became violently fidgety. He torqued his body in a most amazing way, much as a muscle car would resulting in an axle snap. I gather my thoughts to find my Enzo, jumping in my Ferrari Enzo and peeling out of the parking lot onto 4th Street.

All silliness aside, the kitty is doing great. He's woozy and disoriented, as I picked him up a couple hours ago. He's forced my Friday night to become a Lazyboy chair for him. My legs are throbbing and numb as I type this with one hand while he sleeps in my lap.

The things we do for our kitties.

Oh yes, since I relocated to a smaller city in TX for grad. school (Lubbock for those of you who know it....yes, Bobby Knight), I was unable to find any shelters/clinics that would give me a good deal on the neutering. Thus, this thing cost me quite a bit, like 8 imported 6-pack beers, expensive!!!

Oh well, hope you enjoyed the story, and I hope this guy becomes a bit less drowsy, as I need to study this weekend.
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Great post - too funny!
I am glad your little boy is doing ok - I am glad I got both of mine already fixed, and didn't need to go through this... I only have experience in taking one cat to be spayed (it is not really big in Brasil), and it broke my heart into a million pieces... I felt like I was completely betraying his trust...
Give him lots of TLC, enjoy your lazyboy!!
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LOL that was funny I get your side of the story though, when I told my dad I am taking Jake to be neutered he told me that I will rot in hell for torture of animals and that if he were in Jake's place he would prefer to " have an encounter with a female cat once and die rather than live a full life without balls" My dad can be funny sometimes...he said it in a serious way but when I explained to him it's the right thing to do he agreed reluctantly to help me out by picking Jake up from the clinic after the procedure was over...
I know how you feel about the studying, I have two tests next week and I am so sleep deprived because I was worrying about Jake, he got neutered yesterday.
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Gald things went well....I hate the idea as well...but its a necessary evil we must do to our pets
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I felt the same way when I took Zero in... there's something about the idea of the whole process that turns my stomach, from a male point of view. Ouch. But, it's got to be done, and that's all there is.

Zero bounced back really fast... when I let him out of the crate at home, he hit the ground running as if nothing was wrong. But, while he was cleaning himself that evening, i caught him pawing at the spot of the incision with a quizzical look as if to say, "Didn't I used to have something here?" He forgot about it after a few minutes, but he did seem overly interested in a large sack of freshly picked walnuts later on...
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Ah, Lubbock. Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, Mac Davis and Bob Wills.

Dottie's uncle was a flight instructor there. He told the new guys, "Don't even think about running away. I can stand on a dog house and see into next week."

Boy kitties usually bounce back fast. And, really, you wouldn't want an unneutered male cat in any house or apartment you cared about.
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