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Neutering over...very upset cats

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O.k. I just picked them up from the vet, and ticked off is too nice a word of how my cats feel right now. Apollo is growling literally. Rocky is cowering and scared. I wish I had a bigger place now so I could separate them. I figured he was going to be the maddest, and I was right. They both have to wear e-collars because they were licking at the spot where their catheters were. I swear you'd think he was a feral cat the way he is acting. I tried to put him in the closet, but he is growling. So I'm going to leave him alone. I guess I'll be sleeping in the living room.
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Meeko was pissed at the vets but not here.
Your cats will stop acting that way soon.
Cleo got fixed in Nov and what ever they used on Meeko must have smelled the same because she was scared and was shaking when she smellin Meeko and anything she was in.
She hissed at her for 4 days also and growled.
The other cats did not care.
Meeko goes nuts at the vets.
She did not wear a e collar because she took it off before we even left.
I hope your cats feel better.
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Seti was so bad the vet tech had to think really hard about how to describe it to me. I think she settled on "feisty" but murderous might have been a better word. He was cool by the next day.
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They have calmed down quite a bit. But their pupils were big like saucers for almost 2 days. I'm glad they are back to normal. They ripped off their e-collars though I don't know how they did it though. I can't even find Rocky's collar at all.
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My dog wasn't angry when we got him neutered about 16 years ago (he was 1 at the time).

He was more traumatized.

While in general he's a happy dog, I do feel that ever since then he has been a little bit depressed due to a hormonal inbalance.

I hope your pets don't end up the same way. Supposedly, vets have changed how they do things since then, but I don't know how.
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