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really need advice on foods

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Luxor has had this issue with throwing up his food for a while. It's not all the time but it's enough to want to do something about it.

Luxor had a chronic cough, wheeze, itch on commercial food - we moved him over to Raw

He was on Raw chicken/venison for a while. got sick a bunch of times over a year took him off.....

we had him on Duck/Venison and Pea, Natural Balance for a long time then he started getting this chronic itching, coughing, wheezing thing AGAIN

now we're transitioning back to raw and he threw up again today.....

All our transitions have been very very gradual and he's been to the vet, to the evet whatever and there's 'nothing' wrong with him.

I'm really getting sick of him throwing up and I want to know WHY this is happening. I'm ready to look at everything right now.

Is it the elevation of the food off the floor
it is too much food
is it time to try something TOTALLY different
we've eaten commercial food - he itches
we've done all raw, he throws up
we've done 'limited ingredient' commercial food - he itches
we're transitioning to raw and he threw up again.

advice? We've spoken to our vet over this and they offer no help. I refuse to keep taking him to the vet for them to give him a shot and send him home. I want to know what I should be trying for foods - or things to think about..

I know NONE of you are vets, but speaking from your experience, what advice can you offer/
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I'm sorry you're going through all of this. Since you've tried so many foods for lengthy periods of time, food itself may not be the real issue. Have you ever tried probiotics? I know there are a lot out there for pets that many with sensitive GI tracts can't tolerate, so my preference are the human versions with minimal added ingredients.

For vomiting specifically, I suggest trying the probiotic l. reuteri. I've read several posts in my cat IBD group where other cat's vomiting completely stopped after this was introduced. It's also used to prevent/eliminate colic in infants. If you have a Vitamin Shoppe near by, they sell it there under the product Primadophilus Reuteri. Get the capsules, not the power (which contains FOS and my cat can't tolerate). I think it would be worth a shot, but I suggest giving it a couple of weeks before you decide if it's working or not. I give one capsule per day mixed in food.

Good luck!
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Maybe a cooked diet ???
I know I alternate cooked and raw with good results with my allergy "kids"

can you get a beef or lamb based food??
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thanks guys, i will look into those and talk with my vet before starting them - anyone else who can give ideas - please chime in!
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I see that you listed raw and dry food - sorry if it is a dumb question, but does he have the same problem with wet food as well? Maybe a natural/organic one?
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yes, he's had raw, wet and dry
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