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Grades For Late Fall Term

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Our grades for this past term were posted this morning.

World History 2- A
Basic Algebra 2- A
College Success Strategies (mandatory class)- A
Microeconomics- B

Winter term starts on Monday:
World History 3
Intermediate/College Algebra
Intro to Computer Applications
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Great job, Bryan!!!

How is taking 4 clasees? I'm taking 3 and I think that is my max

How did you like Microecon? I liked Macro a lot better, but I also had a beter teacher
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Thanks, Katie!

I thought about taking only three classes. Like you I'm probably better off taking three classes. The only one I'm concerned about is Algebra. The computer class is an intro to word, excel and powerpoint (and I guess a few other things).

I didn't like Micro at all. I thought it was made out to be more technical than it needed to be and it didn't help that the teacher couldn't finish a sentence without going off on three or four tangents. I don't know if I'll take Macro, it really doesn't fit into my plan.

Good luck!
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I honestly could probably do 4 classes, but I'd have a breakdown

I have to take a computer class in the future, Microcomputer Applications for Business I think is what it's called, I'd love to learn what Excel can really do

The thing that really threw me for a loop in Micro was the graphs, I just didn't understand how the teacher was getting the info from them! Within the first week of Macro I got it and then in Calculus it was really really cool how the things we learned in econ tied in with the math. I could totally confuse with talk of derivatives, but I won't I'm thinking about trying for a minor in Econ

I've taking Accounting I, Quantitative Business Analysis I and Chinese Civilization right now. QBA is gonna be rough
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I am taking 5 classes right now:

Social Theory and Structure
Intro to Sociology

I hated micro econ too!! It was so boring and too many graphs and charts lol. Macro is much better I think, so far. I hate math, but I'm so glad that I'm done with all of my math- I took Calculus I and II last year...phew I'm soo happy its over! Spanish and Russian are easy though so it's almost like I'm taking 3 classes....
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Good job!!!!! YOu must have a good GPA! And be very smart!
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So you must have done okay on that math test after all, right?! Good job, and good luck with the new term.
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Well done - I got A's in all my papers last year with the exception of one B

Good luck with the next term!
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