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What kind of food would you recommend

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Hum, hum, as you all can see I live in Bulgaria and it's not only vets that I complain about. The thing is catfood market is too squeezed here and the kinds of catfood they offer are quite few.
I guess the best brands available are Whiskas, Purina and Royal Canine , judging by their prices:LOL:. So can you please tell me which one is best and also recommend some good brand names so I can recognise them (if I ever get the chance to see them here mind you).
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Nice to "meet" you Billie.

Those 3 aren't on my best foods list (the top ones in my list are California natural, Innova (both of them made my Natura), PHD, Wellness, Wysong, Canidae, Flint River Ranch...) If you could give us a list of the ingredients we could at least get you started.. A note though is that natural preservatives are better than chemical ones and meat vs. meal - meat is better. (chicken meal vs. Chicken). I don't know what the laws on package ingredients are there though.

Best of luck!

Heather V. Havel
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Billie..this thread is very long but may help with this. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hp?threadid=95
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Billie, if you can't find a good packaged food, you might be better off making your own cat food. If you are interested, just say something and I'll dig up a few links with more info and recipes.
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I'd be very grateful if you do so
And Sandie, I'll read it through and am sure it'd help
And Heather thank you too.
You people are sooo kind i can't believe it
:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:
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Royal canin is a very good food. I tried it on my persians and they found it too rich. But, I have a number of friends that feed it and love the food!! They make different formulations, ( persian, kitten , adult etc. ) so that is also helpful.

Stay away from any food that reads 'by product' on the label. Also foods preserved with poultry fat are more readily digested than foods preserved with ' animal fat.' I particularly find it unnerving when the label isn't telling you what kind of animal!! I have visions of the companies scraping up road kill and using it!!
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Billie: Here are a few links. I am sorry I couldnt find any more. The api site has some book recommendations. I am also going to list a couple sites with information on feeding raw meats, but I am a bit wary of it since I would think it would increase the risk of parasites. But you may be interested anyhow.

http://www.api4animals.org/doc.asp?ID=79 is a good article of commercial pet food, and some recipes are here:

Hope you find them helpful! If I come across any more I will let you know!
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Wow isn't he the most loveable sweet little creature!!!

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Stupid Billie posted about the sweet little Tonk here. Shame on her!
Anyway Illusion that's meant for the Tonky, he's truly great
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And THANKS Illusion, I'm going to read them through and see what will come out. I've started feeding boiled chicken meat and dry food and he seems to enjoy it. Anyway he's not much of an eater in general and it is only in winter that I see him eating the way he should. He even asks for more
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I went to my vet and he gave me the HILL 's canned food . What I have read and listened to is that it is better to feed the cat with cooked food because canned food creates problems in the urinary system of males . Have you heard anything? More, I know that there is a Canadian association that tests canned food . Do you know anything similar in Europe?
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Hi. Be careful of too much wet food. It causes a considerable amount of tartar on the teeth and it is usually only about 9% protein. The rest is mostly water. I find wet food does not put any solid weight on a cat.
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I don't like canned food. My vet told me it's easier and cleaner if I keep them on dry food. With a lot of cats, if you spoil them they won't go back to dry. I like Science Diet the best and that's all I feed them. A lot of vets reccommend it. My male Romeo was a stray that I found. He looks like a typical alleycat. His fur is in between short and long and wouldn't lay down. I put him on Science Diet and his coat is a lot silkier and shinier.
I know this reply is late but maybe it can help. Good Luck!
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Thank you all!!!!
I've literally ravished all pet stores in Sofia apart from just one (the largest one which seems to be closed at all times I manage to get there ) but I couldn't find any science diet or eukanaba (sp?!?!). I fear my last hope will prove to be futile...
I've now found that Eric fancies Royal Canin Fit and so that's what I feed together with some wet Whiskas from time to time and homemade food - thanks to you Illusion . Well so far we're doing great but I'm still crusading shops for cat treats he he he
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Originally posted by Billie
...and homemade food - thanks to you Illusion .
You're very welcomed. I am glad to hear it's working out for you. As soon as things calm down around here (we've been doing a little remodling) we are going to cook up some food for our very picky Shih Tzu. That is how I came across all that info--looking for recipes for our dog.
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