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hair loss and pigment change

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My cat, Bob, got injured a couple months ago.

He was on the counter with the kittens and one of them pushed him off. He pulled a ligament in his shoulder.

I took him immediately to the vet and he put him on a pain medication after doing x-rays to be sure there was no break.

The pain meds made Bob vomit after a week and I stopped them. I decided to take Bob to my Dachshunds chiropractic vet for a second check. My first vet works with us and this other vet. He sent his x-rays. The second vet was concerned that the pain med has caused kidney failure. Bob's feet were all cracked and dried. He had also begun pulling out his hair. Mange was ruled out and the vet thinks the hair pulling is stress. He adjusted his back and gave him a very thorough check up and a re-check. Since Bob is eating well and pooping and peeing the kidney failure does not look likely.

Now Bob's foot pads have shed the old skin and his formerly black pads have come back pink. His nose is also pinking up. He has pulled out so much hair he is almost bald. He still limps around.

Is this all to be expected from his experience? He mothers the kittens when they are near him and he stays away from them when they are lively. Bob has his own wing of the house where he can have privacy.

What is my next step or do I just give him time. He if very lovey to me. The kittens are now 6 months old.
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So, no one must have any clues. I was hoping this has happened with one of you before.

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I can not help you but coco my crf cat used to havea black nose and now its mostly pink.
She had a bad uti when it happened 3 years ago.
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I think I need to search out crf. I don't even know if it is contagious. Thank you, mews2much.
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what was the pain medicine that the cat received?

CRF is not contagious

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I looked up CRF and I don't think it sounds like what he has. I think I will give him a bit more time and if any other symptom pops up take him back to the vet.
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I think you misunderstood.
Coco has crf but she did not have it when her nose changed color.
Crf is kidney failure and you can not catch it.
Coco lost the pigment on her nose from a bad uri.
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Originally the vet thought the pain meds had damaged Bob's kidneys. That was when his feet cracked, dried and peeled off.

Since I read about CRF I can see that it is not a contagious disease but a problem with kidney failure.

The pain medicine is Metacam. He took 0.3 ml every 24 hours for a week.
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