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Daily Thread TGIF Jan 30th!

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Wooooweeee, FRIDAY AND PAYDAY for me I like payday because more more goes into the wedding fund!

Its mild today and no more snow as of yet so that is good.

My girlfriend and I are going to order the bm dresses tonight after work. I am excited to finally get that done. Then we are going to her parents house for Indian food

No plans for this weekend really...which I love!

Have a great day folks!
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Waking up to a sunny but cold day (high of 9F). But the weathermen are saying we will reach 32F on Sunday, but then temps to go back down.

Have some errands to do this morning. Stopping at work to drop a couple of items off for the owner, stopping at a consignment shop to drop off some pictures that are just gathering dust and a bit of grocery shopping.

My special order fabric for the kitchen valance came in and I still think its way to much fabric but lucky for me I can use it on other room! So I would like to start that project too.

The 3 wild turkeys that have been coming to feed are funny to watch I had to hang one feeder higher as with the snow on the ground its low enough for them to pick seeds out but I moved it higher (but not high enough) and a couple could just reach up to tap the bottom causing seeds to fall out so its higher yet. I tore up a bunch of bread this morning hopefully they will eat that instead.
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Morning All!!!

Not to bad of a day here, sunny but on the cool side -17C. It is suppose to warm up later this afternoon and snow once again. Don't know what I am going to do with it I am seriously running out of places to throw it.

Just a couple of quick errands planned for today, I have to drop off a movie and pick up a few supplies at the pet store. Also may stop by the fabric store to see if they have any new fabric ends on sale.

Nothing interesting on TV tonight so may grab another movie when I am at the video store.

The cats are birdwatching this morning. It is the ongoing soap opera of the squirrels and blue jays that keep them interested. They were having quite a battle out there earlier this morning.

Everyone have a great day
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A bit more snow here today, but at least the sun's out now and it's warmer.
My feeders are in a sorry state, completely covered with snow. Poor birdies will give up on me.
I often see wild turkeys on my walks. There are some houses that back onto a forest, and the people there have put up a huge feeder. It's great to watch the turkeys, they are such funny creatures, and the dogs always get so excited to see them.
Have a good day everyone!
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Good Saturday afternoon!

I haven't done much today but I did work until 1am

I'm just about to go for a walk and then get ready for work at 6pm until 12am

Have a good weekend folks!
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