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New Treat? Pounce "Lickittys"

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Anybody tried these? My Mom picked a couple up and sent them home with me for her "Grandkitties". Its basically a hard solid treat with a sticky base that you stick to the floor, table, etc. and the kitties get to lick on as a treat. I had not seen them before but she got them at Petsmart.

My boys were fans! (Sorry for the crappy pics!)

Mulder gives it a go - Mmm!

Now Spooky's Turn!

If this is in the wrong section, someone please move it - I wasn't sure where it should go!
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Huh, I hadn't seen those before. Sure looks like they got the lick of approval from your guys!
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We tried them a couple of months ago (they were in a .99 trial pack at petsmart)--I bought two, they didn't seem to notice it --or at least they didn't get that it was a treat

Maybe I'll have better luck with the second one I bought. I was thinking I might leave it out if we go away for a day and leave them alone...a little surprise.
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I'm going to have to keep a look out for those
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I showed it to them when I opened the package and then stuck it down so they knew it was there. They only took a few licks each and then walked away and came back later.

These were in single packages on the treats isle at Petsmart for $.89. I don't think I would give these to them frequently but every once in awhile I guess they would be fine!
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I seen these at Petsmart the other day,I was goiung to get them and then ended up putting them back!I may try them the next time I go back to the store.
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