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Toxoplasma test - can a vet do it?

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Is there a test for Toxoplasma gondii? I need to make sure kitty doesn't have it since I'm immunocompromised and Toxoplasmosis could be very dangerous for me. The chances of spreading it are slim, but it's still dangerous to me if she has it. It would only really happen if I cleaned her litter box, didn't wash my hands thoroughly enough, and then ate a sandwhich or something.

Are there any meds out there to help make sure she doesn't get it and possibly spread it to me? A dead kitty caretaker isn't very helpful to her.
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what does your doctor say about having cats? and how immune compromised are you? Is this temporary, or chronic?
If it is live threatening, maybe you should not have a cat? Just wondering...
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I'm not as much compromised from having a condition, as much as I'm compromised from the medication for the condition. Unfortunately, it's the best thing out there for the moment.

My father is ironically a specialist in the disease I have, and he doesn't see a problem in having a cat. He's just warned me that cat scratch fever could make me pretty sick and that toxoplasmosis could be very dangerous, so I have to be careful.
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Yes a vet can test a cat for toxoplasmosis. Cats get it from eating birds and other wildlife, so if your cat is entirely indoors the chances of them having it are slim. From what I understand, a cat with toxoplasmosis in their system only sheds the virus for a total of 6 weeks in their lifetime. On top of that, the poop only becomes infectious after it's been sitting there for 24 hours. So basically just scoop once daily (can wear a mask and gloves to be extra safe). If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat or if you've ever had an outdoor cat there is also a chance that you may have already contracted it at some point in your life and may be immune already (your doctor can run a blood test on you to check for immunity).

Toxoplasmosis can also be transmitted through undercooked meats, so if you're concerned you'll always want to make sure any meat you eat is well done.
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