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A day in the life of Willow!!

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Ok guys I hope you don't mind me posting more photos of my fluff ball but I put all the latest photos off my memory card onto the pc today so thought I would put some on here before I go to bed (it's 00:55am here in Wales,uk)

These show a day in the 'hectic' life of our Willow.

still a little sleepy, thinking about the day ahead.....

oh I hate mornings, I guess I'll start with a stretch....

I think I'll help mummy with the curtains..

now mummy needs help with packing some clothes..

did I do it right mummy?

I'm starting to feel hungry........mummy I'M HUNGRY!!!

mummy says I've helped enough with the packing so can have a nap.. she has given me this thing...but I like to sleep in boxes!! How do I make it more comfortable???

I don't think I'm on this quite right

ok I give up..

oh this is how...I wish mummy would move the case so I can have my box back..

can I have a tickle please...

am I sitting pretty for you mummy??

do you want me this way?

or this way?

ok I'm tired out and my box is back, yay!!

Thanks for looking, sorry if there's too many photos?
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soooooooooooooooo cute! Too cute for words!
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Hey we pics here - you know that! I think she is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen! Her coloring is amazing and that white ruff is sooooo neat!
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Aww, poor thing. What a tough life! Great pictures.

BTW, is that a chair she's lying on in the middle group of pictures or some sort of strange cat bed?
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Pretty girl!
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Willow is a beautiful girl. She has such a tough life
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Can I trade with her for a day?

Gosh Willow is such a pretty kitty!! I love her white feet and I just want to pet her belly.
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Thank you all for your lovely comments

Grogs, it is a bed that you can either hang off the radiator or you can just place it on the floor. The thing is Willow just likes to sleep on our bed, whether it's on her bed or in a box as long as it's on our bed she's happy
We find that when we put it on the radiator in our bedroom she uses it as a toy Willow will bring her toys onto it then go crazy on it

Here is a pic of her with it on the radiator just about to go crazy

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She is beautiful and apparently very busy during the day
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