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Ready to give birth?

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Hi everyone, Im new to this board but i Really need yer help on something. My kitty kat is HUGE and i know she will give birth soon, but im not sure HOW soon. The kitty belongs to my uncle so Im not sure when she got pregnant so i cant say how far along she is, but her nipples are HUGE and SHES huge and if i look at her tummy, i can see the kittens moving around inside her tummy. Im just wondering if maybe anyone could tell me anymore signs i can watch out for and how much longer she might be waiting to give birth? I've never had a kitty kat that has given birth before so im quite excited. I made her a bed inside the closet in our bathroom, but she doesnt really seem to like it. She lazes around A LOT. if anyone can give me some more info thatd be great! Thanks!
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She will eat less and begin to scratch around where she wants to have her kittens. She will be very restless. She will most likely have them in the middle of the night. You will hear the kittens when they are born if you don't hear the mom cat first. Make sure to have small towels or cloths to wipe the faces of the kittens as they are born. You will want to make sure to clear the airways so they can breath. . Make sure to allow the mother cat to eat the afterbirth, and make sure there is an afterbirth for each kitten.
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I thought you are supposed to just leave the kittens and the mommy kitty alone while shes giving birth? wont she get amd if i try and touch them? Shes huge and her nipples are big too, do you think shes ready to give birth any day?
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This should be in our health forum, so I will move it for you. Some cats want you there whent he kittens arrive, and some don't. You just take your cues from her behavior and go from there. She will stop eating 24 hours before she is due. It is a good idea to have your vet's phone number on hand in case of emergency, and call him so he knows that the birth is imminent.
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Most likely any day. I always massage the mommys belly while she gives birth. My kitties trust me and love me so they don't mind me wiehging the kittens daily and making sure they are all OK. I also make sure to talk to the mom while I'm working in the kittens. After wiping their faces I give them to her to finish cleaning and so they can nurse.
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You can see my kittens on my web page listed after my name.
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Thanks you guys. You were a lot of help. I've never had to do anything like this before, but i guess theres a first for everything Im so excited.
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How many kittens is avergae for a new mommy kitty??
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My feral just had 3 kittens and I friend from another message board cat's just had 6. I hope that you are going to get mommy and babies fixed after this litter. If you haven't noticed it seems like every where you look there are kittens being born.
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4-6 is the normal birth number, but I know a cat who recently gave birth to 10 kittens! Two died. Unless you know this cat well, do not stick your hand into her business or she could bite you. They are quick to strike out, and if they don't trust you, then just leaving them alone and observing them while they give birth is recommended. Make her a birthing box, or put her in a room with a small empty cupboard or closet. You want it fairly small to retain heat, as well as warm, so fill the space with soft bedding, I use old towels stripped out, they are a lot easier to remove once they are soiled, plus the mom likes to root around in them and build a nest of sorts. Make sure there are high enough sides that the kittens can't fall out and place a litterbox near (but not to close) to the birthing box. Mom is going to need to use it after the birth and she will not want to go very far to do so.
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