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If I bring one of my ferals in to have her babies will she be okay? She won't like eat them or anything? She doesn't completely trust me, but she lets me sort of touch her when she's eating. I have a large golden retriever kennel I would keep her in.
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She will be ok.
i know alot of people that bought the moms in and they were fine.
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Oh yeah - she is going to be fine... I would keep the kennel in a quiet room though, to not stress her out too much... She and the babies will be safer inside; you are doing the right thing!
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I have a spare room for them, I would just let them have free reign of the room, but the book shelves in there aren't sturdy, I'm not sure they'd be safe. I'm taking the mama to the vet to find out when she's due and make sure she really is pregnant, but her tummy feels pretty firm, I couldn't feel any movement though, but I couldn't really when my Maggie was pregnant either.
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She should be fine. Just try not to disturb her too much.
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My Salem was a pregnant stray when I brought her in off the streets, and she adjusted to indoor life just fine. I kept her in a separate room till she got used to my other cats, and after she had her babies, I kept her in there with her babies (letting her out occasionally while the babies were sleeping) till the babies were about 5 weeks old and then let them out to roam around on their own.
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