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Take Action Against Anti- Freeze

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This is a horrible, slow painful way to die for cats. Act now and help put this law on the books-

New Antifreeze Safety Act to Prevent Animal Poisonings
Reps. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) have introduced federal legislation to require denatonium benzoate, the world's bitterest known substance, be added to antifreeze to render it unpalatable. The inherent sweet smell and taste of antifreeze attracts animals and children, but ingestion of as little as one teaspoon can be fatal.
Numerous accidental poisoning cases, resulting in animal deaths are reported every year. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that an aversive agent be added to antifreeze and The American Association of Poison Control Centers lists antifreeze as "an ideal candidate for an aversive agent".

Take Action: Urge your representative and senators to support the “Antifreeze Safety Act†(H.R. 1563). Send an Action Letter at or call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
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I put my vote in!
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Good idea. Now if only we could get it out of the pet foods as well!

Propolyne Glycol: A preservative in pet foods also known as anti-freeze.
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Thanks for the link, I sent several letters.

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Good idea!
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What an excellent idea. I'm all for it.
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Did anyone read my reply, or does everyone just not care..?
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Excellent idea, and great post Hissy!
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Thanks guys! Thanks for caring enough to respond and send something off. I had the misfortune of coming across a cat who had been poisoned by anti freeze last year. Even through the best of efforts, Charley didn't make it, it was a hideous way to die and finally the vet just put him to sleep and out of his misery.
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I'm sure that they care, I know I do. What brands use it in their foods? Should we just check the list of ingredients?
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I don't remember all the brands off the top of my head, and I knwo not all of them do, I believe most of them do not use it. But yes just look for it on the bag. As it's a preservative, most of those are listed about 6-9th on the list.

While they say it's in such a small amount that it wont kill yoru animal right away, much like eating straight anti-freeze. But there has been some worry some and unconclusive research done over usage of prolonged feeding.

There are A LOT of things in animal kibble which are bad. Personally I wont buy any products from any company that uses BHT or BHA in even one of their foods. I boycott them until they take it out, and this includes Science Diet!
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Excuse me for not being completely educated about the best cat food, but why would manufacturers put that in the food knowing that it is harmful? I would think that they would be afraid of law suits if something terrible would happen to a consumers cat.
Just curious...
Thank you!
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I'm not the most knowledgable person on this subject, but in the little bit of research I have done, I know that the stuff they put in low quality cat (and dog) food would make your hair curl. You'd be shocked at what is allowed in pet food.

At this point, nothing would surprise me.

As for the why, the answer to that is usually $$$. Unfortunately quality will suffer if it makes somebody a few extra bucks.
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I just assumed that there would be some kind of regulations on what can or can not be put into cat/dog food.
Thank you for your reply!
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Again, I'm no expert on this, all I know I've learned here at TCS, but the guidelines for pet food are pretty loose at best.
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Here's a website that requires a lot of reading, but is very informative

Pet Food Guidelines
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Shell: ahhhh sorry, I had just typed you a nice long post, but my cats some how restarted my computer! Darn little furballs!

Anyway, back to your question... It brings a familure smile to my face to see you ask that.

And I can add to this by saying that some of these ingredients are even put in OUR food, makes you scratch your head even more eh?

Well, first off, they have to have an affordable food out there for those who don't have a lot of money. With affordable pricing comes cheaper ingredients, even including some that aren't all that great for you.
They can get away with it because of $$, some of the makers really just don't care. And because for example this anti-freeze material, research has shown that because it wont kill every animal, and certainly not immediatly, and it's proven to work as a preservative, they can get away with it. They use the siding of "well, you can buy a food with preservaties, or buy one with out any and risk your animal falling very ill becuase the kibble was not presevered properly." The amount they put into pet foods is what is refered to, in most cases as a "safely approved level for usage."

Now once upon a time *sigh*... I had the largest listing of pet food ingredients, what they were, the amounts used, possible good or bad side effects, and it's other worldly uses. I would say about 80% of them or more had bad effects to them, but most of them had some benifits enough to deem them acceptable.
Selecting a pet food is not easy, not by any strech of the mind.

There are also books out there you can buy to learn about petfood. What makes it hard, is that there is research done proving one thing false, and research done proving it to be true! And as time goes on what we consider to be facts about petfood change.
I have heard a million and one things about CORN in pet foods it's enough to make your head spin! And virtually ALL of them conflicting, if even in a minor way.

Here is a large page with a lot of helpful information, you don't have to read everything but just bookmark it and read a little bit at a time.
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Thanks Angel,
I'm the first to admit, that I don't know everything about cat food. I'm sure there are tons of people just like me that think all cat foods are pretty much the same. I didn't realize that this ingredient was even in cat food. That is why I love this site so much. I am learning new things everyday. Thank you for the link, I will read up on it when I get a bit more time.
Thank you once again!
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Thanks for the link, Hissy. I bookmarked it so I can go back and read it when I have time.
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