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Bloody chops :)

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I woke up this morning to find my 7 month old kitten Dite with red canines. The holes that the teeth rest into are on her bottom jaw are what appears to be swollen and have a tiny bit of dried blood on them like she was biting down too hard on something. She seems to be extremely tired, as well, when normally when I wake up she wakes up and tries to play. She has been sitting in the same spot all afternoon and looks upset. I have seen her like this one or two times before, but it's not that common of an occurance. Did she just play really hard? Do kittens teeth shift at this age or do anything crazy? Obv. we may never know but she just got her splint and soft bandage off from having a broken neck . She was sent home with happy thoughts and feelings and looked amazing so I'm just slightly worried if ya know what I mean.......
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Isn't this when the adult teeth come in and baby teeth fall out?

I think she's in pain from teething.
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If she just recently had a broken neck...I would be calling the vet...I'm not sure what your saying but if anything is bleeding or swollen and she isn't acting normal then...I would take her to the vet....
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I would call the vet. The lethargy (extreme tiredness) is concerning.
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Didn't catch the broken neck part.
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Under your particular circumstances, I would be soooo calling the vet.

Please let us know what he says!
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