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Pics of my lil zoo

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well i haven't been around much because I work overnights and usually come home and sleep then do it all over again. Well i now have 4 lil kitties. Thought I'd show 1 baby pic and 1 adult pic. Hope you guys enjoy

Kricket who was my first bottle baby and while be 3 in 2 months.

Worm, my lover boy, id be lost without him.

Possum who is my shy lil boy and just turned 1 yr old!

and last but not least, my lil Sloth, my 2nd bottle baby who was 2 days old when the dog found him.

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You have an absolutely beautiful family! I love their names as well.
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Awwwwwww big time!!! They are gorgeous!
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Your babies have grown into really beauties
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Awwwwww it's hard to believe they were so little isn't it
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thank you everybody, that is my crew. I can't believe how fast they have all grown. glad everybody enjoyed looking.
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What a lovely fur family!
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i like the last one... black kitties with red colars.... its just perfection... no clue why!
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Aww! So sweet!
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Awww how beautiful, all of them
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Pretty! I love seeing before and after pics.
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lovely family, its amazing how quickly our babies grow up
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awww what beautiful kitties they are!!! i always love seeing the "before and after shots"
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They are precious
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Your furbabies are gorgeous!!!
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You have a really nice bunch, and you have so much history with them.
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Great photos - I love Sloth's looooooooooong legs in that baby pic!
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Beautiful cats. It's great to see how much they have thrived in your care. I especially like Sloth because he's so black and shiny.
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