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Spayed Cat Still Meows all night...

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We got our 2 year old spayed kitty, Bella, back in September. Sure we had a few rough nights at the beginning but those rough night have only gotten a little less rough, not becoming completly smooth yet.

When we got Bella, she came from a shelter but the shelter wasn't actually a building, it was an organization who had people "foster parenting" the pets. Her "foster mom" said that she would sometimes lose you and meow until she found you and all you had to do was call her and she would be fine. Well we live in an apt, it cannot be that hard to lose me or my husband in there. One day she walked in the living room and without even looking around, started meowing - I was sitting right there! This is something I can tolerate when we are awake. It's easy to just call her and let her know that we are there. Well at night it is completely different. Some nights she wakes us every hour, some nights it is every other and on the lucky nights it is only 1 time. We have tried absolutely everything with her! We try ignoring her, but she doesn't stop. We have tried calling back to her but we can't get too loud so sometimes she doesn't even hear us. We have even tried punishment. Before we knew not to use the spray bottle we would do that, sometimes we would just tap her on the nose. NOTHING is working! We thought for a long time that she was maybe in heat, even though she is spayed, but it has been consistent since September. We also thought maybe she heard something that bothered her but our other cat, Bruce, is not bothered in the slightest by anything and will stay on our bed even when she is out in the living room meowing. I'm sure our neighbors are at about their wits end as well! Any suggestions would be great!!!!
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Some kitties do make more noise than others. It doesn't particularly sound like it's related to her being in heat. One of my male cats does the same thing. However, there have been instances of botched surgeries where supposedly altered cats were still intact. It might not hurt to have a vet check her out.

Also, four months isn't a long time for a cat to totally adjust. Maybe she just needs a little comforting. Punishment is the wrong course if she's just feeling out of sorts of abandoned. You might make it worse! Try using the Comfort Zone Feliway diffuser. It might help mellow her out.
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