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This cat sends Mitzi crazy!!!

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Ok, so I was messing around on Youtube and came across this meowing cat video. The sound was up full volume and Mitzi was in the room. As soon as this cat meowed she went crazy!! Listening, looking around, it was hilarious!!

Play it and see what your kitties do!
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Yep, it caused trouble here, too!
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It got Ari's attention enough to leave my bed and check it out. Once he saw it was coming from the computer he lost interest and started birdwatching from the back of my chair.
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Figaro stoped eating to look arround (if you saw his belly you would know this is a huge deal)

Flower started meowing back (she also has a meow that sounds like "hello")

And the pup was totally freaked out and started barking
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OMG all six of mine came running into the room freaked out!

I wonder what that kitty was saying.

Edit: They are now all creeping around the room looking for this intruder cat who must have said something they didn't like.
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well, Firefox & Cable were quite intrigued! Pixel didn't even wake up
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Nova looked alarmed and ran toward it. She looked around frantically. I wonder what video kitty said to get her all worked up.
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what a funny kitty!!!!
Bugsy was looking at Lucky very confused, as if saying: you are not saying that... where is it coming from?
Lucky was rubbing her head on the screen... Bugsy is still looking for the new kitty - too funny!!!
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Taht woke my boys up! They were both looking around for it. Must be something in the tone of that cat's voice.
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I feel kinda bad. Both my cats jumped up (they were sleeping on opposite ends of the couch) and headed over toward the computer. Both their tails puffed up! Then they both jumped down, and now Cindy is wandering around trying to find the other cat.
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My older cat never left her comfy spot on her cat tree but the little one came running in and was walking all over me (even around my shoulders) looking for the cat. I played it three times and by the end of the third she was already bored with it. Even my labrador got up to see what it was.
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Ha, my two freaked out too. Billy especially is wondering where that weird kitty went!
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Well I looked in the other room and both girls were sitting up on the couch looking this way. Eventually Mooch came in the room and gave me an earfull!
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OMG!! all 5 of my babies got up and 4 went crazy looking for that cat my little boy ran to my like mommy, mommy help theres a strange cat in here.
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Well, it took a few minutes to load b/c I only have dial-up But it was worth it! All of mine came running into the room to see what was going on, except for Maverick & Salem. Of course, I took of video of them freaking out!

They are now all creeping around the room looking for this intruder cat who must have said something they didn't like.

Mine are all slinking around now too, wondering where the intruder went to.
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Haha! This is so funny! Mony hopped up on my desk and paced in front of my laptop for a while, and then she found out where the sound was coming from (inside the keyboard). Sniffed the keyboard for a while and then went under the desk to find the mysterious meower.

Don't worry Mony, you're still the boss around here!
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Normally, my two don't react to these videos... but JoJo is still looking around, ears perked and twitching... Jack caome into the hall and looking at me like, 'where's the cat? my sister may be a loudmouth, but even she doesn't sound like that!!'

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Dusty was dozing on the couch and jumped up when I played it. She looked around trying to find the kitty. Rusty was asleep in the purch but just sat up looking around.
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What a strange sounding cat!
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Well Gus jumped on my lap then smacked the speaker. Lucky was confused and the poor puppy was looking all around.
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It says it`s not there anymore! Maisie is too deaf to hear it anyway
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