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Scammer? Or crappy business owner?

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Being as I take Bruno to daycare twice a week I decided I absolutely needed a seat belt. After doing some research I decided to order from a manufacturer even though it had some really bad reviews but said the seat belt was very safe… these reviews were about 1-2 years old.

I emailed the guy and after a week of nothing I called the number on the site. The guy answered took my order and we ended up chatting for a good 20 min. He mentioned he was a little slow as he had been in an accident the year before and the girl who was running the company had started stealing and embezzling. Right away I got wary of the whole thing but I had already given my credit card number so I figured why not.

This was three weeks ago. He said it would be here in a week. I called him this morning at 9am my time. He answers the phone and I tell him who I was and that I am inquiring about an order…. He responds by yelling extremely loud in my ear that’s its 5 (f-word’n) in the morning and he doesn’t think so! And hung up. I checked the site to see if it said anything about this being a home number, or give any specific time to call and it doesn’t… I seriously don’t appreciate being yelled at at the top of someones lungs and getting cursed at.

I called my visa company and gave them his name in case he charges me (looks like he didn’t yet, but still worried he has my card number)

So…. Anyone know of any good seatbelts? lol
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I would report the card stolen... especially if he hasnt charged you yet!

this way you can take your business elsewheres.... and secondly nothing comes of this... then you'l have a new number and call it a day.

dont think this 5am miserable man has any power over you causeeeee he doesnt. he has a couple numbers that he really shouldnt have thats all.

best of luck to you!!!!
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I agree about reporting the card as stolen.
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I called the credit card company and they said because I pay for extra insurance and I called them to report a suspicious business that has my number I will not have to pay a dime if he charges me.

It just irks me he was so rude. If your going to use your personal phone number as your business number at least put times to call on your website. I don’t feel that if I am paying for something I should have to research this guys life to find out where he lives, his time zone, what the difference is, etc before I call…

I bought a seatbelt today from the local pet shop, its better then nothing for now and it may be a really good seatbelt, ill have to research it.

All I need to do now is send this loser an email asking that my order be cancelled so at least I have a paper trail of me canceling it…. So annoying.
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