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Today she is acting totally normal...sept her nose is still swollen..so when the vet called to check on her I asked what happened to her nose..they said they have no idea....I know she hates to be in a cage and she bangs her head on it and rubs her face on it...And she was acting odd last night...by that I mean feeling no pain so she prob was doing that while at the vets...and rubbing alittle to hard against the cage...but they said she wasn't...Thats a lie cause she does that here when caged to go to the vets....Other than that she is totally fine today...If the swelling doesn't go down I will have to take her back in....

One thing I forgot to mention is they didn't clip her nails...even tho the paper explaining her treatment kinda said she did get the complimentary nail trimming....I wonder if anything else checked off on that sheet now is wrong...The IV fluids the extra pain meds and so on...things that you have to pay extra for...but because of them mis quoting me they said they would do for free...I have no way of knowning if she got the extra treatment....since her nails didn't get done...I have to wonder now
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I guess you will never know.
Meekos nails got cut very short.
Sounds like they are lying to you.
Meeko had a bruise in her ear and I have no idea where that came from eaither.
I am glad your cat is back to normal.
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Yup I will never know....they also said it could be a reaction to something....she said mostly its a dogs muzzel that will swell...but can happen to cats as well....She is sure resting good today tho...I am concerned about it being a reaction..but its been 27/26 hrs since she had her surgery...I dont know when or IF for that matter they gave her the pain killer shot...I am just watching it to see if it gets worse...
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Can you get apicture of the swelling?
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I tried ....they didn't turn out so well...kinda blurry because you kinda have to zoom in....its right between her eyes mostly....to the bridge of her nose...it has gone down today alittle bit more
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Seems strange.
Did they force the mask on her and she fight it?
Sometimes they do that.
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