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Time apart?

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I have kind of a weird situation that I'm trying to figure out and I thought I'd try and get some suggestions/opinions.

I have 2 cats, one who is almost 3 and another who is just shy of a year. I've had each of them since they were both 8-10 weeks old so I'm really the only owner they've ever truly had. I've recently been presented an opportunity that I can't really pass up but it would mean that I would have to leave my cats in someone else's care for 2 full months. They would be staying with my aunt (who gave me my youngest and still has all her siblings), who is very knowledgeable and good with cats, so as far as care is concerned I'm completely comfortable. She has a pretty good introduction system for resident cats and new cats too, so that should also go reasonably well (my boy is a bit of a wuss, lol).

My main concern is whether or not they're going to completely freak out if I'm not there. It's a new place, new cats, new people and I'm nowhere in sight?? These are the first cats I've owned and I've been told a lot of different things on the subject of cats being adaptive. Some good, some not so good. I guess I just want to know if they'll be ok without me for a couple months and still be sane and normal when I get them back. Or will their personalities change from being stressed and with new people (someone told me that happens...)?

Sorry for the rambling, thank you SO much to any and all of you who've read this. I'm sure a lot of my questions are dependent on the specific cats but I appreciate any feedback anyone can give!! Like I said, first cats I've had so I'm still kind of a newbie!

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I own a professional pet sitting company. Often, I've taken care of animals for much longer than the time you're talking about. They do just fine! I've even taken care of animals for extended periods where the owners just moved into the house. In one case, two friends worked in Iraq for 6 months. They kept both their cats in one house so there was a case of two cats in a place they didn't know with cats they didn't know and they did beautifully. Congratulations on your opportunity and it sounds like you've got a great place to keep your cats while you're gone. They might be a bit more snuggly than usual your first few days back but other than that I doubt you'll see much change!
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