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Why is mum puss moving babies??

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Hello again. I have another query for you all. Scratchy has started bringing her babies out to me. This arvo she only brought one out and just left it out here with us in the lounge room. We thought she might think it is cooler here so we took it back and wet her face and here babies. (not soaking, just damp) It's been around 43-45 degrees celcius here last couple days. Then again she brought one down and layed it next to me. Couple minutes passed, she brought another and layed it next to me also. Then the third, but this time I had moved so she took it under the couch and layed with it a while. The one under the couch is the runt but still fights with the others for a feed. Now she has taken one of the ones she brought to me back to her original bed and has gone back under the couch to the runt. We have put the other one she left with me under the couch with her. (Away from my 3yo) The one she has put back in the original bed is the same one she brought out earlier and the first one she brought out this time. It is also the first born and bossiest. I hope this makes sense and someone understands what mum Scratchy is up to. Thanks for any and all advice and/or theories.
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I think she's just testing the territory to see if she feels safe enough to let her babies roam. If she feels like they're being threatened in any way, she's probably taking them back underneath the sofa where she figures they're safe.
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When my Gemma had her kittens, the next morning we woke up to find that she had moved all 4 of them from the box where they were born to behind the sofa.

I guess the mum cats just move their kittens to wherever they feel safest. It's nothing to worry about unless she is putting them somewhere that you think is unsafe. Then you should step in. Otherwise, just leave her to it
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Well scratchy can't seem to decide. The babies are all over our house but they are all nice and fat. I think the heat here is affecting us all. My hubby and I can't get comfy either. My daughter is the only one not seeming affected but she gets to run around naked too. Those were the days.
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Pull the curtains, and you can, too!
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