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Anxiety? or something else?

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Summer has had a history of UTI's. Since then, both cats have switched over to the Royal Canin Urinary SO prescription diet. Summer also gets cosequin regularly. She urinated (at least I suspect it was her since she did it countless times when she was an only child) on my duffel bag after I left for a 3 day weekend with my family. She urinated outside the box yesturday as I was about to leave for the day inside an empty rubbermaid container....right in front of me! I did not yell or scold her. Thankfully it happened just before the vets office opened and I remembered I could use it in a given period of time and avoided the hassle of bringing her in. The vet called and left a voicemail and said that her urine was just fine and all levels were normal. She suggested sticking to what I'm doing with the food. However, since Summer has went outside the box without having a UTI before (this past summer) she suggested maybe doing some bloodwork and beginning a behavioral modification therapy. This summer, I thought it might be due to Chevy bugging her to play and maybe him being aggressive with that(which she does play with him) but she lets him know when she's not in the mood, but Chevy was not even in the same room when I caught her yesturday and both litter boxes were fully cleaned the night before (one within 10 feet of where she went).

This makes me really wonder about Summer's behavior. She is rather clingy lately, and must be near me at all times. She does this to my fiancee when I'm not here too. She needs almost constant attention and is usually always within sight. She will even wake me up in the middle of the night for it by meowing and touching me in the face with her paw. I usually just ignore her, and its maybe once a week. She has been eating appropriately and has maintained the same weight for several years. Could she have some sort of separation anxiety? Am I just a worried meowmy?
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I'd be concerned if I were you. It sounds like something's bothering her. I know you took the urine to the vet but maybe a trip is in order in case it's something else. Sounds like you've got a great vet. I know after Hemmy's bout with UTI's he'll go out of his box if anything's bothering him.
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