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For Tigger

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This is for a male cat named Tigger, who was put to sleep this afternoon due to advanced kidney disease. He was 13 yo.

Although a next door neighbors cat, he was one of Bris's sons. Bris was my cat for 8`9 years before her passing 3 weeks ago.

He was a nice natured cat, although he was scared of strangers. He had a beautiful pale ginger fur coat with a white belly.

I was very fond of him!

I'll miss him!!
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I'm so sorry about the loss of Tigger...

RIP, Tigger
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I am so sorry.

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Poor baby. Play happily at the bridge Tigger

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Rest in Peace Tigger.
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Thanks for all the kind messages! I'll pass these on to my neighbor.

I seem to be taking Tigger's loss harder than my neighbor! Not only was Tigger a nice natured cat, he was Bris's son. So when Tigger passed on, part of Bris went also. Plus, with Bris's passing only a few weeks ago, I was still a bit sensitive about that. So when Tigger went, I took his loss quite badly!

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Godspeed over RB, Tigger - join Bris on the other side and send a sign that all is well with you now
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I`m so sorry That is really tough losing both cat`s so close together. It was really nice Tigger got to stay close by but bittersweet, I guess

Sorry to you and your neighbour

Rest In Peace Tigger
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