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Happy June.1st !!!Friday!!! (Daily Thread)

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i love the 1st of the month !!

well, this will be the last post from me for the rest of the weekend,
till Tuesday ? i think i may get a post in later this afternoon, but,
probaly not as i am on my way to bed hopefully

this insomnia is driving me insane! i am so tired, yet, i cant fall asleep,
i resorted to taking sleeping pills after three nights of this, still nothing !

but it is now going on 20 hours since i slept last, last time i slept i only had 5 hrs sleep?

so i am a little drained now, time to and fall into my bed

Cameron is doing an elaborate 'birthday weekend' thing which goes from
this afternoon when he gets off work till Tuesday when he goes back to work,
my birthday being Monday, 4th of June.

anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend, i'll miss you all !!

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Hope you have the greatest birthday weekend ever!
And many happy returns on the day!
I'm off for the weekend too and I'll sure miss all of you.
Just like I miss you every time I don't have the chance to visit the Cat Site.
Love you all, and, Blue - once again - have teh wildest birthday ever!
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Happy Birthday Blue!!! (even if it is a little early)

I'll be thinking about you on monday, sending warm birthday wishes your way

I'm in Indiana right now. tonight I'm having dinner with 5 high school friends. 2 of them I haven't seen in 10 years! I'm really looking forward to that. the other 3 I see everytime I come home.

for lunch I'm going to meet one of my radio participants. I'm going to take a tour of the facilities, and hang out for awhile. I've known this guy for a couple of years but we've never met face to face, so this is going to be fun.

I hope everyone has a happy friday, & a wonderful weekend.

Donna, I saw in another thread about the paper expanding the pet page, congradulations!! that is wonderful news. you're going to do a terrific job.

Hissy, I'm sure you're going to have your hands full with ripster this weekend! I know you're just glad to have him back & will have a great time.

Deb25, how is the house coming? I saw you got the fountain working. I wish I lived some where that had a fountain!

Sandie, hope everything is well with your daughter (after the tick episode)

3LK, Miss you! you probably won't see this but I wanted to tell you anyway that you are being thought about & missed.
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Happy Birthday Blue

Hope you have the best weekend. You have to fill me in, on all
the fun details. Get some rest before the festivities. Sounds like you really need it.

Well, the weather was at 85 degrees yesterday and now it is 65 and about ready to rain. Got to love Oregon!

It's Friday, June 1st and I am so happy the weekend is here

I hope everyone has a terrific Friday and a great weekend!
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Have a very Happy Birthday Blue. Have you ever tried Valerian for sleeping. I have sleeping problems too. It is all natural and has helped me when I cant sleep.You can find it in the health food stores. Anyway have a good weekend.
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I hope you get some sleep. It can be very draining. I used to get it when I worked on the ambulance. Have a great birthday!

:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:



A.P. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Indiana with your friends. Did my first interview at the Humane Society this morning. Story is about a cat (duh!! really??) who was left off in a box (hence the name Boxer) I'll send you a copy of it when it comes out on June 10th. Miss you!!!
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i had a minute so i thought i'd thank you all for the warm birthday wishes !!

even though it's not till Monday, Cameron likes to go 'all out' :angel2:

Colby, i hope you have a wonderful time, i'm sure you can use it, cant wait to hear all about it !

thank you Billie, Elinor and Donna for the kind posts you guys are so sweet

hope everyone is off to a good weekend


we are having the best luck here for weather, the temperatures are low,
but, not too cold, not too hot - which, for me, is a birthday present in itself !!

have a great weekend, love cant wait to talk on Tuesday
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Hi everybody!

I have been so busy that tonight has been the first chance to catch up on some of these posts.

The email notifications pop in faster than I can keep up!

Happy birthday, Blue!

AP: Bought a digital camera. Pictures of the "palace" are not far away.

We had glorious RAIN here in west central Florida today. We are in the midst of the worst drought in recorded history.

I was almost a new mommy today. One of the teachers at school brought in two 6-week-old kittens to find homes for. One was a little orange male (my passion). I was just so afraid what another major change would do to Squirt that I let somebody else take him, although I gave her the quick education on declawing. I told her if she was planning on having him declawed that I would take him.

Busy this weekend too. I long for a day with nothing to do!
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This morning started out stressful - at 5:30 we found a cardboard box taped up and holes poked into the sides on our front steps! The amazing thing about this is my Dogo Argentino sleeps in her crate in our room right next to our steps and she never woke up! She snored her way through this drop off. Also, we went to sleep at midnight so someone came literally in the middle of the night and did this - they had to have staked out the house prior to this to know where I live (there is not sign saying Helping Paws, dump cats here). I find it amazing. Anyway, my poor husband took the box without opening it to the vet at 6 a.m. while I hobbled around doing the feeding - sick or not, my poor husband had to get to work relatively on time. In the box were two beautiful, healthy 4 month old classic brown tabbies - sweet, friendly and very placeable - I don't get it. I expected sick and dying kittens, which is what I usually get this time of the year. Anyway they are being altered and will come here tomorrow - one more cage for my poor husband (and Donna) to clean during my illness.

I did feel better throughout the day though - I think the medicine is starting to work and my body is accepting the medicine better. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am walking by Sunday. ALthough I know I have to continue to take it easy, I want to at least do something to help everyone (I hate relaxing in general). I am lucky I have a cleaning lady and she comes on Friday so my house is wonderfully clean and I did not have to ask anyone to do it - that was a good part of today, as was hearing that the young girl in the accident came out of her coma today.

My oriental Beta was not feeling well and when Clint came home he took him to the vet - Beta had 105 temp and they kept him overnight to give him fluids and antibiotic injections. He is such a gentle, sweet cat I know he is scared and lonely and I hope I can bring him home tomorrow.

I was going cage crazy (now I know how my fosters feel when they have to care for kittens for 8 weeks in a cage) and made my husband take me out for dinner tonight - I didn't eat much but it was very nice being out for an hour.

This weekend must be a restful one, but I have all my friends coming over to help me and visit with me at different times so I am happy. My husband and Michele are doing a therapy day with our brown mackerel tabby Tweedle, Frannie and my Abbysinian Honey and Michele's beautiful Maine Coon Madison. I know the old people are going to have a great time tomorrow.

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