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I'm looking to move out of Michigan to Nevada, but I need some suggestions on how to move a 13 year, 4 month, and 27 day old cat from Michigan to Nevada. He is a mama's boy and he'd die of a broken heart if I left him here in Michigan and moved out of state. Please help.
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I am on the same boat - moving with two cats from Dallas to Los Angeles... for both of us!
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I suggest calling and talking with your vet about the 27 day old ...

You will need carriers for each ... I would suggest something like feliway spray ... also needed health certificates
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I thought she meant just one cat who is 13 years, 4 month, and 27 days old.
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I don't have a 27 day old cat the age is one whole age not separate ages just 2 cats no more than that. Wesley is: 13 years, 4 months, and now 28 days old.

Daisy is 6 years will be 7 on March first

what is Feliway Spray?
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Feliway mimics the good pheromones that a cat produces. Here is a link that might help.


When my daughter moved a long distance she used a dog crate so there is room for litterbox and if you stop to feed a meal you can use the clip on food bowls.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the move!
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Sorry, I thought you had three cats
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