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Introducing a kitten into a full house

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I have a male cat who is 2 years old and my girlfriend has two ferrets. Between the two of us we have three dogs-- a 2 year old Golden Retriever and two whippets (10 & 11 years old). All are "cat friendly" but what do we need to know about possibly adding a kitten to the mix? We would like to adopt a kitten from the local SPCA.
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Anyone?? Thoughts?
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It is doable. Do it slowly and carefully. Seperate the new kitten at first. Leave toys, food and water for the kitten. After a day or two, take one of the toys and leave it for the other pets to sniff and get used to the newest member of the family. Take toys from these pets and introduce the scent to the new kitten. When you bring the kitten out after perhaps a week, hold this child and let them get used to each other. Return the kitten to the closed room and repeat the next day. Each day let the pets get closer if all goes well. Give all pets attention to avoid jealousy. When you feel it is time, put the kitten down to mingle, etc. I hope this helps. Whoever you adopt from should give you some literature on this topic, especially if it's from a shelter.
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Most experts feel you should isolate the kitten in a room with food, water, toys and, of course, a litterbox. Also, if you have a blanket or towel. Give the kitten lots of attention, and keep switching the blanket/towel so all the animals get used to the "new" smells. Depending on the friendliness of the kitten/other animals, you can start letting them get closer, keeping a good eye on all of them, maybe just one or two of the animals at a time. Expect some hissing, especially from the kitten, but also the older cats. Hope this helps.
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Two of the dogs are older but fine with cats, and the Golden, who is 2, is super-friendly but can be rough. I'd be afraid he'd hurt a small kitten in his enthusiasm to greet it. The ferrets are not going to be left to roam the house for the same reason.

Thanks for the advice. I think we will set the kitten up in the spare bedroom for a while. Wish us luck!
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Good Luck! And don't forget to post pics of the little one!
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