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Hey guys,

I am looking for some super cute HQ (high quality) cat face pictures for my online store. I want real cat pictures for making cat pins & cat shirts and was hoping you guys might want to share your pictures with me.

I need several photos and the ones that get picked for my site will receive a free kitty pin of their kitty's face (cat treats included and a goody for the person too - earrings or a lil coin purse etc). - of course if you feel comfortable with me mailing you some goodies

I would also like some dog pictures too so if you have some uber cute doggie pictures please PM me (all dog sizes welcomed).

Some kitty pictures have already been posted so please go here to post them - I'll pick the winners in 1-2 months time so if you want to take some pics and get them ready no rush.

Go to this link...
Also, this is my site which has several cat pins listed to give you an idea of what I make and also what I will make of your kitties

*xoxo* Jamie