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Hallow got sick this morning and threw up twice Both times when we cleaned it up there was a big pile of roundworms in the vomit, which of course made me want to throw up too...yikes.

He has a vet appointment this afternoon and he's staying in his room until then. I know that worms are treated with at least 2 doses of de-wormer so he'll probably have a second appointment in a few weeks. I was about to make an appointment for Coco (14) to have her teeth cleaned and a urinalysis probably next week. They've been interacting for a few weeks now, so is it almost a certainty that Coco has worms too?

At the moment we only have 1 carrier so we can't take them both to the vet this afternoon, but I was going to bring along a stool sample from Coco for them to check. I haven't seen any worms in Coco's litter, and she hasn't thrown up like Hallow just did. But now I'm worried that she has worms it possible that the vet can give us a dewormer to take home so that she doesn't have to go in for a separate visit?