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Scruff on men

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Do you like it? I personally prefer it. My boyfriend gets pretty scruffy and he would shave every Sunday. For two days I would make fun of him and call him Baldyface. Now, to make me happy he just trims it so he always has scruff. I love it, he looks so manly and sexy Lol.

Women usually look at me funny when I tell them I love the scruff. I am the only women I know who loves it.

What about you ladies?
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Hate it, hate it, hate it.

I threaten scruff here, he leaves scruff on his face, I leave scruff on my legs.

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I LOVED it on my ex boy friend he would look so hot if he had just gotten a hair cut and was alittle scruffy mmmmm so yummy!!!!

Eric looks better with out it. He just has to much other things going on. His hair is long and curly and he has faical hair. So I like it better when he is clean shaven.

So I said I love it.
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I didn't vote cuz I wasn't sure how. I don't mind either way but in the entire time I've know my husband he's always had scruff! 7+ years and he's always had a mustache, side burns and some sort of goatee. He does let the rest grow out and usually cleans that up over the weekends but I have NEVER seen him cleam shaven... I'm not sure if I would like it or not. The occasional rogue lip hair can be annoying though. Nothing like a hair up your nose when your kissing.
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On George Clooney? Yes, please.

Okay, I like it on regular guys, too.
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I love hairy men! My SO looks great either way. When he changes what he's doing with his facial hair, it's like I'm dating a different man! Right now he's got a goatee. I call Mike with facial hair, "Shady Mike."
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I don't mind scruff. Clean shaven looks nice, but hubby didn't shave for a week and a half while we were on holidays and the scruffy look was great too!
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My fiance is forbidden to be clean shaven! I love his scruffy face. He was always clean shaven when we started dating. I convinced him to grow a beard about 3 years ago and he's only shaved about 5 times since then.
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DH normally has a goatee during the summer, and a full beard in winter. Basically, he works outside a lot and it keeps him warmer. Now, I don't like the few days after he shaves a goatee, because it's scratchy, but once it grows in it's really soft and I love to run my fingers through it. I probably wouldn't recognize him if he shaved completely....I honestly don't ever think I've seen his face completely shaved. Oh, there are pictures when he was in the Navy where he was clean shaven....just doesn't look like my husband.
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I don't mind a little scruff or a little mustache, but I had excessive facial hair. Huge sideburns and a full beard gross me out.
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I just think it looks uncool, scruffy, unkempt, etc. I suspect I'm giving away my age on this issue.

Kiss it? Well, I've heard the guys say that any girl who wants to go to a picnic shouldn't mind wading through a little brush.

Dottie hates it when I've tried to grow anything. She's pretty safe though, since I seem to have inherited my beard from my mother's side of the family.
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I hate stubble. I have sensitive skin, so it makes my face all red & irritated. I prefer smooth & touchable. My husband is happy that way too, so it's not an issue for us.
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My preference is clean-shaven for a man's face. A little stubble at the end of the day is ok, too. But I don't like beards, mustaches, goatees, soul patches.... I like kissing lips, not steel wool!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I just think it looks uncool, scruffy, unkempt, etc. I suspect I'm giving away my age on this issue.
I have to agree with you here.
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I love scruff, i find it oh so...

Its a good thing too, cuz DH could probally shave 2x/day and STILL be scruffy
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I hate shaving so I bought a nice set of clippers with all of the attachments. Now I just trim it up every week or so.
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Owwwww, yuck, blah, guess you can say I am a no scruff type of person. I prefer a nice clean shaven face...
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I forgot to mention that I do go clean shaven for weddings and stuff like that. I've also been growing my hair kind of long the last few months. It grows very, very slow. My last buzz was in April of 2007. The back of my hair is just now reaching the bottom of the back of my neck. I'm going to get it cut off soon but after having it so short all of my life it was kind of nice to have it long for a bit.
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It looks okay, but too ouchy when kissing.
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I'm kind of on the fence about this. I don't like it b/c I think it doesn't look "clean" (not clean as in soap or dirt, but as in neat) and it is scratchy, etc. On the other hand my husband prefers to have it, so I just end up living with it. He shaves it off about once a week or so, if that, b/c it starts bothering him while he sleeps, but otherwise he keeps it. I would prefer if he kept his face shaved all the time, but I'm not about to tell him what to do.

This is what he looks like completely shaved...

This is with his mustache and goatee. (he's in the front, blue checked shirt, looking at the camera)

This is his "scruff" (he badly needed a haircut in this pic, so please ignore his hair LOL)

Imagine him with his mustache, goatee, and scruff combined and that is what he looks like on most days.
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I like a little scruffiness on Rob Although when it starts to get too long, I tell him its time for a trim

Once he shocked me when he had the beginnings of a beard growing (ughhh, much more than the usual scruff I like), and then shaved it completely off! I'd never seen him with anything less than a goatee in the time we'd been together. He scared the crap out of me I was like "umm whoa, how did Orrin (his brother) get into my room!?"
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Clean shaven please!

Kieran says if I want him to shave then I must buy him a new razor!

Kara, I prefer your hubby's "facial hair situation" in the 2nd picture - he seems to suit it more?
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I don't mind looking at it...it looks good on some guys. I prefer DH to be clean-shaven, though, because I really hate the FEEL of it.
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I can't stand it when my fiance hasn't shaved. His facial hair is really prickily and hurts if I kiss him. He doesn't shave very often though. He just trims it a couple times a week and shaves every couple weeks.
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Originally Posted by silvionc View Post
What about you ladies?
i like facial hair, but not stubble... wasn't a choice on the poll.
you know - beard, mustache, etc. i prefer shorter beards to those long ones - an inch is enough for the hair to be soft-ish & still emphasize his manliness.
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I'm not really sure about this one. I tend to lean toward clean shaven, but I've seen some guys who look great with a little facial hair.

My ex-husband had blond hair, brown mustache, and a red beard. He looked terrible when he grew facial hair (besides the mustache), almost like a patchwork quilt, lol!

There's a guy I work with who looks.....>sigh< >drool<....um....distracting....yeah, distracting is a good word...when he grows facial hair. I totally lose my ability to think...much less talk!!!
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Hmmm... it's interesting that a lot of the ladies on here say their hubbies/fiances/SOs only shave a few times a week, trim up, etc.

And they are younger people. So I am wondering if that shaving every day thing is generational now. My BF is 57 - he shaves EVERY MORNING! I like it because I get to check out his handiwork afterward and I like the residual smell of the shave cream!
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Sometimes I love it, other times not so much I think the smooth look looks much better. Incidentally, my husband does both due to this preference and will leave some scruff for me if I ask otherwise he is shaving daily.
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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
Hate it, hate it, hate it.

I threaten scruff here, he leaves scruff on his face, I leave scruff on my legs.

Same here!
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i think a man with scruff is so sexy....my BF has always had some scruff since i met him. im not attracted at all to those men with the clean shaven baby faces.
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