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It Took 3 Years .......

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I finaly was able to clip Monkeys nails

She would always put up a fight and I could never get her to sit still. I tried the burrito method, yea that did not go well. So I just gave up. I would try every once and a while to get them done but she would have nothing to do with it. She did a good job shrpening them herself on the cst scratcher but now that Roxy is in the house I really wanted to get them trimed so no one would be hurt.

Last night while she was sleeping deeply in the bedroom I snuck in and carefully laid down next to her. I just slowly pinned her down while giving her kisses. She just thought I wanted to snuggle. Then I took her little paws and just started snipping. Buy the time she realized what was happening I was almost done. I had to hold her down and listen to her sad little cry to finish but I did it.She got over it pretty fast and was cuddleing with me again by the end of the night. I did not take off as much as I had hoped but its a start.

Roxy on the other hand loves it when I trim her nails. She just sits and purrs like nothing is happening.
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good job!
my 3 clawed girls are all different - Cable just sits there & lets me do it. Java wants to put her head between my face & the clippers & Firefox is a major pain! the 1st few times, she growled, hissed, squirmed, tried to bite me, etc.
this last time, she growled, but that was it. so she's getting better!
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Yay! I am having similar difficulties with Henry. It's been almost 2 months since we adopted him and I have yet to be able to do it. He's squirmy, strong, and won't let me do anything.

Chloe doesn't like it but you can get her claws trimmed if you hold from the top. She will whine but you can usually get one paw done. If she's sleepy, you can get both paws at once.

Mattie is de-clawed (by previous owner) so it's not an issue with her. I imagine that she would be super easy to trim claws on though.
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That is great!!!I still cannot clip my cats nails...all of them hate it!I take them to a groomer and get them clipped and softpaws put on
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Most people would give up I haven't found a cat yet that I could not clip in one way or another. Whether its almost sitting on them or something. My worse one was my Turkish Angora - had to do his nails over 2 days he was so bad.
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I always recommend clipping nails while they are sleepy. Sooo much easier.
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