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Our Homemade Cat Tree

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In another post I talked about my cat tree and so of you asked for photos of it. It's nothing grand, and a work in progress, we constantly add to it as we see fit for the boys.

The bottom platform is covered in the carpet but backside out--they love to scratch on that, there is more of that on the post on the bottom left--Harley's favorite.
The center post, Jack's favorite is covered in sisal rope as well as the bottom of the middle post (most recent addition), Harley likes this.
The post on the left recently was covered in an old pair of jeans, nobody has scratched there yet, but I think it's a matter of time.
Also you'll see the spring toy which is meant to sit on the floor I screwed upside down on the bottom platform--Jack loved this as a kitten, he would run across the room and throw himself at it--not so much now.

You will also see I had a very handsome assistant modeling for me this morning!

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Nice work.
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Can you put what supplies you used ??? It looks good
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Can you put what supplies you used ??? It looks good
Yeah!!! Put the supplies up! It looks awesome and doable!!!
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It's fantastic. Well done.
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Your'e little furry assistant is gorgeous The cat tree is fab, i am inspired, I might have a go! Is it stable at that height or does it wobble at all?
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Thanks for all the great compliments!

It is pretty stable although a slightly wider base would be nice--more like 36" x 36".

The posts are 2ft long, 3.5 ft, 4.5 ft and 5.5 ft (I used 2x4's). The platforms are 20 inches long by almost 12 inches wide. (I used 1x12)

I used 2" screws to attach the platforms down into the posts--2 screws each platform, the bottom platform is attached to the left and right post with small L brackets just to steady the longer posts.

I believe I bought 1 8'x1"x12" and 2 8'x2"x4"

I used 2 rolls of sisal rope--and lots of patience

Lowes and Home Depot both cut wood for you, so I had them precut my boards.

To attach the carpet and sisal rope I used 9/16" double point staples (you hammer them in)

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It looks amazing! I would LOVE to be able to make one for Toby... hmmm...
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I just finished a cat tree, so I will post a pick in this thread I suppose.

I am moving, so I whited out part of the mess...
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Great job Jack31 and Rayjiano

I'm attempting to make one, well more of a cat perch/steps with three levels, from pieces of my old desk and fabric.

I've seen so many cat condos I really like but they're so expensive!
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Great job on the trees

I have plans to make one sometime and seeing all the pics of other peoples helps with ideas. Thanks
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Those both look amazing! my hsband is in the process of making our furbabies one.....I will post pics when he is finished
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