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I thought this was great when I heard about it. TARPS is not too far from where I work, and one of the guys at work constantly has kittens at home because his wife fosters for them. He helps me out so every once in a a while I give him cat food to take hoom.

Anyway, TARPS won $1000 from petfinder! How cool is that? And one thing I didn't know about them is that they specialize in socializing feral cats for adoption!
The shelter is home to between 100 and 130 cats at any one time, Allen said, most of which live at the shelter on Route 103 south of town.

TARPS also offers foster homes to pregnant cats, those nursing newborns and kittens without mothers.

What makes TARPS unusual among shelters is its work rehabilitating feral cats to make them suitable for adoption.