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What a cutie!

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Thought you guys might enjoy seeing pics of this little cutie. His name is Plato and he's 5-months-old or so. He was abandoned at a local business and taken in by the couple that often helps me with my fosters. He'll be going up for adoption once he's fixed, etc...

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Awww, if only I could bring that handsome tiger into my life.

Adoption vibes are on the way.
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He's absolutely adorable!
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OMG!! look at that mischievious little smile
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Boy I'm a sucker for red tabbies! He is absolutely adorable!!
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He is adorable!! I hope he finds a wonderful home.
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OMG, his markings are BEAUTIFUL!! I especially love the big deep red M on his forehead.
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He is a cutie. He has a sweet face
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Oh, he's a love, that one!!
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Oh my goodness! I`m in love!
He is something special
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I wish he were mine..
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