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Sphynx Kitten - Responability of Breeder & Advice?

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Hey guys,

I know I always post stuff about having problems it seems but I am so new to owning a Sphynx! So here's my story... my kitty had started getting a rash on her neck around Sept (only 2 weeks after owning her or LESS) and I contacted my breeder and she kinda shrugged it off as it was my fault for dressing my cat up (I had sent her a pic of my kitty the day we went to the vet and she was wearing a lil hooded vest so she wouldn't get cold). My vet didn't think this was the issue since she had only just worn the jacket the day we went to the vet and she had the rash a 5 days prior.

Long story made short - my vet took pictures and gave me an anti bacterial/inflammatory & steroid cream for her. It really seemed to work but I noticed as the months went on the amount of time it took for the rash to develop and come back was becoming quite fast (normally she would only break out once every 2 weeks and now it's she always has a rash). The cream was not helping anymore and now it's 24/7 rash. So I am going back to the vet again BUT here's another part to the story...

The breeder had posted on her website about my cat's grandfather (maternal father) having been put down due to a serve rash they could not control (he'd pee on himself and not move - towards the end ). She claimed it wasn't genetic and that she had no problems with the one singleton female he produced (my kitty's mommy) but I dunno... I am really starting to wonder.

I mean I paid for a show kitty and have a kitty that is full of welts and itches herself so much she scabs herself (I use softpaws to prevent her from scratching all her skin off). I am so upset and scared. I love my kitty and she's not even a year yet and is full of these welts/pimple-looking things. I want the breeder to be more helpful - I know genetics is something we cannot control but I also think it is naive of her to not see the obvious. I don't want to return my kitty (I love her) I just want help

What do u think about ALL this....

Any advice?
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Did you run a culture for ringworm? Could that be it?
I think the breeder should be responsible for some of the health costs... did she come with a health guarantee? Check the contract to see what guarantee she gave you...
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You should join the sphynx group.
I offered to help you before but you did not answer my post.
They said they would help.
I can post the link if you want to join.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
You should join the sphynx group.
I offered to help you before but you did not answer my post.
They said they would help.
I can post the link if you want to join.
Oh, sorry I never saw that reply!!!?Sorry mew!! Please post me the link so I can join

She did get tested for ringworm and it came back negative - thankfully. The breeder does have a health guarantee for 2 yrs .
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I will post to them you are joining. This is the link to the group.
It is a yahoo group.
There are alot of breeders th
ere. I put clothes on Cleo all the time and she never gets rashes. How often do you give her baths? What name will you join with?
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I am guessing the health guarantee is for hereditary problems? This problem sounds like it would be impossible at this time to prove it was genetic but it does sound like it is. What is it you would like the breeder to help with? Vet costs?
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Hmmm how do ppl breed any animals that aren't healthy ? It sounds alittle to close for comfort...I'd bet its the same kinda rash as the grandfather cat....thats a shame...I hope you find a cure
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Please find a holistic vet immediately
My kitty had something like that when she came to me and the vet ran a lot of tests to rule out skin infections and the like. They concluded she needed higher quality food and needed a tiny bit of good fats added to each meal daily. I measured out and added either extra virgin olive oil or unsalted organic real butter and then supplemented for awhile with L-lysine. Then she gets a weekly bath with Nova Pearls for Sensitive Skin.
It worked and we haven't had the issue come back in years. I no longer feed any supplements, just a high quality food. Wet food works best for the moisture kitties need. Best of luck with you and your kitty.
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Thanks so much guys!!!

I wanted to post some pics too...

here's her grand daddy (warning it is really sad) with his rash in the beginning and towards the end...

and here's some pics of my Roxy (these pics are super blurry)... they always start off tiny and then turn into HUGE welts!



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What exactly does the contract say in regards to health and guarantees/heriditary, etc.?

I'm wondering if you can be either reimbursed for vets costs or get some money back regarding that you cannot show your cat now and paid for a show quality.

It would be nice if the breeder would offer a replacement show kitten for you (you keep the one you have) - not sure if they would do it. Its not like you tried showing and the cat doesn't like it - that's not a reason - but the fact that your cat may have a heriditary thing - what if your vet would put something in writing? Does your vet know that the grandfather has the same thing?
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It looks like an allergy to me but of course, I'm no vet. I agree with calling an holistic vet btw!
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Did you check the site I posted?
They can help you.
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It looks like an allergy to me as well.

Food allergies in cats often show as skin problems. In cats with hair that usually results in overgrooming, they lick all the hair off and get wounds from scratching and licking once the hair is gone.

You wouldn't get that in the Sphynx cats but they could get the same condition. I'm not 100% sure that's it but it's worth looking into if she could have an allergy. Allergies can be genetic as well. Corn allergies are quite common, so can chicken allergies or fish.

Anyway I wish you luck.

My cat is allergic to pork and rabbit mostl likely (she's fully haired so she gets the hairless overgroomed spots when she breaks out). I get the steroid anti bacterial cream for her as well and that helped.
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She should be replacing your kitten with another one - that's fit for showing.

However, you may get another one the same so I'd ask for some money back (so you've just paid the pet fee).
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Did you get my reply to your pm?
I do not know why you keep getting errors when you try to join the group.
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I did mew... I'm gunna try again! damn ol hotmail
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I used yahoo mail when I joined right before I picked Cleo.
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I found this online.
Maybe it will help you.
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I've just had a thought...have you tried colloidal silver on your cat?
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Mew- Ok, Im gunna try yahoo again tonight (I have had problems with the net). Also, thank you for the link to that site.

AbysM- I haven't tried collodial silver - what is it? I'm going to google that right now
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I hope you get in.
I am pretty sure they can help.
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Did you go to the vet? What was said? How is your kitty?

Here is a group that talks about Sphynx. It is new
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