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So infuriated right now! Some people are a waste of life!

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I walk outside my building door and happen to catch someone throwing garbage out of the back of a cab onto the street.....! They were stopped at a light so I walked up and picked up said "I think you dropped this" and threw it back in....This rude, naive girl says "Yeah, I was throwing it out!". So I said "Well you shouldn't throw it here, this isn't a garbage can." Then as she said why not she threw it back out, I picked it up and threw it back in as the cab driver pulled away slowly in appreciation of the incident.....
This is NYC, there are trash cans on every block! How the heck does throwing garbage out on the street make someone feel "cool" or "proud"...?
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Yeah, it takes all kinds, don't it???

She sounds like a rude spoiled brat!
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There was actually I guy with her that was sitting on that side, and he had nothing to say! I think he was actually embarrassed. He should be with someone like that next to him!
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I can't believe you did that. I had a friend who wanted to throw trash out her mom's car, but her mom threatened to pull over and make her look for it if she tossed anything
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Originally Posted by Going Nova View Post
I can't believe you did that. I had a friend who wanted to throw trash out her mom's car, but her mom threatened to pull over and make her look for it if she tossed anything
Yeah, I've become easily irritated by those who openly exploit polluting and many times have confronted situations. I'm a garden designer/landscaper who lives in NYC ( only creates more stress because of such situations). I would do the same if I witnessed someone mistreating/abusing an animal as well. The only problem with this is that there are more people who care not and would rather start a fight then be enlightened......
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On the road we live once in a while I'll take a plastic bad with me to pick up the aluminun cans and another for the plastic. Seems bud lite and mello yello are the favorites to toss out the window. That and Mcdonalds food containers (nearest one is 10 miles away).
If I found the people who would be doing this I would toss in back in their vehicle too!!
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Maybe after she has alittle time to think about it.....she won't do it again...Sometimes it take a little shot like that to get ppl to re think things...So hopefully she grows up...
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Good for you!!! I hope she learned something.

I once saw someone from a "tour group".....a huge group.....going through Central Park. Someone tossed a chip bag into the lake. I was out running at the time, and I get p.o.'d at these groups anyway for taking up the whole path, rather than staying to the right and letting people pass, so I was in no mood to be messed with.

Anyhoo.....I very purposefully walked over the rocks to the edge of the lake, reached in and got the bag and walked over to the guy and handed it to him and said, "How would you feel if I came to your country and tossed garbage on the streets or in your park?" I told him there were trash cans all around and he should use them. I think he was mortified.
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I dont litter anymore, i used to, but i see what is happening to the Earth and ALL of it is our fault! I was just taking a ride into Philly the other day, to go to the hospital to get a test for the surgery im getting tomoro. I get rides from this service that picks up disabled people and takes them to their medical appointments. The neighborhood we drove thru was so TRASHED it was ridiculous! I noticed there were a few people with brooms and dustpans and plastic bags, sweeping up the litter and cleaning up the neighborhood. The trash problem is SO bad, that it looks like people use these streets like its a dumping ground for ANYTHING. An old Christmas tree, tires, bottles, cans, paper. Somethings will decomp, others will be there forever, & it just makes me so mad that some people just dont think into the future, realize what they are doing to our planet. They are having kids, but not thinking that soon, the world is going to be alot different and it is in the fault of HUMANS.
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I take care to not litter though sometimes I had one or two things escape on me. I recycle and once i get of my own house and out of this apt. I am cosidering composting as well. More people need to start taking the extra 10 seconds it would take to throw something out in the propper place. Most citys have good acess to public trash cans and every gass station has at least one!
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Being in a tourist area that is the one thing that is diligently enforced here.

If you get caught littering you will get fined for it and there are tons of signs in the boardwalk and park areas that say exactly that. You would still be amazed by the number of people who disregard them.

Plus the fact there is really no need to litter. There are tons of garbage cans, recycling cans and such all over the place. Or for that matter just take it home and throw it out.

Some people really need a good swift kick
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This reminds me of a book I picked at random out of the paperback exchange library at work, Sick Puppy. For all those who would like to see litterbugs get their comeuppance, this is the book for you

The title of Hiaasen's eighth novel could apply to most of its characters, but it chiefly refers to an ebullient Labrador retriever named Boodle and the millionaire eco-terrorist Twilly Spree. Let's just say that Twilly has a singular affliction: poor anger management in the face of environmental irresponsibility. When he spots Boodle's owner, Palmer Stoat, tossing litter from a car, Twilly goes to Stoat's home and removes the glass eyeballs from the animals that the bloated lobbyist had shot and mounted on his walls. Boodle gulps down the eyeballs, sustaining no small amount of digestive difficulties.
Don't worry, it's totally a book for animal lovers.
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I can't stand littering!!! The ONLY thing that I will throw on the ground is water (pouring out a cup or bottle). I recycle everything that I can too. I get really frustrated when Eric throws cans in the trash!! We only get one planet people!!! We need to start taking better care of it. The people who live above us used to throw there trash off of their porch down to ares. Well one day I got REALLY tired of picking it up so I put it in a bag and set it on her door step with a note that read "I think you droped this." Needless to say her and I don't get along to well

I just don't understand what is so hard about walking over to a trash can or holding on to your trash untill you find one.
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Trash out the window is one of my BIGGEST driving pet peeves. I have had friends make the mistake of tossing out their coffee cup or whatever, and ABSOLUTELY do I pull a 180, pull over, and wait while that person retrieves it.
My issue is this: There is nowhere you are going where a garbage can isnt one of the first things you see. I have never been to a mall, public park, industrial business, home, school, hospital or wherever where there isnt a garbage recepticle - usually before getting in the door. So IMO, these are some of the stupidest laziest ignorant people that can exist - because they KNOW theres a garbage at their destination, but feel their need to not have the trash around them is of ultimate importance. Ugh!!!
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That's awesome you did that! I probably would have done something like that too. Some people are just stupid, spoiled, and have no sense.
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I used to work in a municipal park and one of my biggest pet peeves was watching people sit in their car, eat a fast food lunch, then drop the garbage right out their window instead of walking the 10ft to the trash can. This was in nice weather too, not raining or snowing. People would drop their trash everywhere in the parks. It was one of the main reasons I started to hate people so much. I am glad I got out of that job before I got really bitter.
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My Nana is lazy like this - it makes me so mad!
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Outstanding, m'dear! Thank you for showing that slob the error of her ways!
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Good on you! I probably wouldn't have had the *excuse the term* "balls", but I seriously applaud you!

I, too, used to litter, but I realized how *now, excuse the pun* trashy it looks, to be leaving garbage around like that. x_x
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Wow, you are my kind of friend and I would very much enjoy hanging out with you. I love it when jerks are called on their bad behavior. Yay for you!
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I have always been an anti litter bug. A funny story....
About ten years ago when I was sitting in the passengers side of a car parked early in the morning on a busy avenue drinking a coffee, I witnessed someone ride by on their bicycle and through their coffee cup on the sidewalk right next to my car. A jogger ran by seconds later, stopped and picked up the cup and handed it to me through the window thinking it was mine, "I think you dropped this". I showed him my cup was still in my hands and said "It wasn't me". He stopped and apologized repeatedly, and I said I totally understand, I would do the same!
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Good for you!!

I can't stand when people throw their cigarette butts out the window of their cars too! Drives DH and I both nuts. I guess people think because it's basically a small piece of paper that it should decompose fast; well if they'd look down once in a while there are quite a few intersections around here with HUNDREDS of them along the side of the road and in the grass. It's disgusting. And do people not realize this has started field fires??
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