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!Help! Cats throwing up

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My kitty Day-Z has already been to the vet ...twice. The vets just say it's the food. Well, not Day-Z is on this I/D food which she seems to be doing a little better. But now my kitty Sox is throwing up food. The vets say it's the food. But I don't understand I monitor their eating habits, I don't see anything wrong with it. Any ideas? Please help, I hate seeing them in pain like this!
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Since this is a Health issue, I'll move this to the Health & Nutrition forum where our experts are more likely to see it.
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ahhhhhHHHHH. moving my stuff everywhere! No I won't even know where it has been put! LOL I don't understand I thought the cat lounge was for asking questions about cats and anything else?
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Well the Cat Lounge is mostly for chit chat about your cat, and anything else that might be on your mind while the health forum is just for and about cat's health. The people here who frequent this forum tend to have a lot of useful knowledge.

And what did your vet say about the food was causing it? Did he say they were overeating, or that the food itself was at fault? What kind of cat food do you use btw?
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Are you using a hairball remedy? Are the food dishes elevated a few inches off the floor? Are you feeding them a tiny bit at a time so they can digest the food slowly? Some folks make a game of the kitties eating their kibble by sliding it across a smooth surface so they have to chase each piece to eat it. This way they eat it slower and are less likley to throw it up!
Good Luck!
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I was using Purina Kitten Chow, but now my vet has given me ...canned and dried Hills Prescription Diet....Feline i/d. To get them used to it I slowly added the i/d to the purina. But now that Day-Z and Smeagol are doing better, Sox is now throwing up. She didn't throw up with the Purina but she is throwing up with the better brand food. Smeagol was put on it first for his tummy virus. Then Day-Z because she threw up the Purina. Should Sox just be put on the Purina. Hairballs.....I haven't seen any at all. The vet gave them medicine for that to check to see if that was the problem and nothing came up.
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You are either feeding the wrong food, feeding them to much, (feeding the bowl and not the cat) they could have hairballs, even if they are short haired because all cats are shedding now. You need to elevate your food bowls, feed in small amounts and make sure that water is around the food for the cats. If the cat continues to throw up then for goodness sake take it to another vet, especially if you have tried the ideas to get it to stop.

These boards, as Xastion has said, are geared towards specific concerns. Although all of us love cats, some people don't even go to the lounge anymore, not enough time, but they will go to the specific forums where their expertise lies and try to help those with questions and concerns. If you have a health concern, it usually is a major deal, so we try and get to those forums first to help out. The lounge is just for fun stuff, feel good stuff and prayer requests etc. You won't lose track of your posts, because there is always a redirect left letting you know what forum it has been moved to. No moderator that I know of will remove a post completely without leaving a redirect, unless it is a troublesome post left on the boards to create problems or flames.
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Ya, Well I have been to 3 different vets and they all say changing the food would help. But what I am trying to say is that...My cat Sox never threw up on the Purina food, so I am asking, should I just make sure she eats that food, or should I keep her on what the other kitties are on and see how it goes. They have been on it for about...a week maybe.
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If this is just a one time vomit I wouldnt get to upset about it yet. Some cats barf every now and then for no apparent reason. He may all so be working on getting a hair ball up. If he is vommiting all his meals and keeping nothing down and/or acting funny it might be time for a vet check. As for switching back to the purina, All I can say if if it were my cat I wouldnt, If he is having a problem purina isnt going to fix it.
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May'be she just isn't used to the i/d cat food yet? Do you think that might be the problem. No, I mean the cat isn't even digesting her food.
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Just keep an eye on her. May be she thought the new food way really good and ate too much.
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Most cats do not digest their food, they are gobblers and gulpers which is why dogs show such a fascination with the litterbox. The waste is almost pure protein.

You can stop her vomiting by elevating her food bowl, it helps to relax the throat. Follow the other suggestions offered and if she continues to throw up, take her to the vet and pay for some tests to be run to find out the problem.
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How would I elevate her food bowl? Why does this help the cats from not throwing up?
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You elevate her food bowl by raising it off the ground. As I said before, it causes the cat to relax her throat and stop eating so fast (a common reason that many cats vomit) You can put it on a book, on a brick, on whatever you like but you just raise it off the floor a little bit- depending on the size of the cat.
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Well, I know how to elevate it, that isn't what I meant. Sorry for not being specific...The kitties eat out of a little "cat tray" it is actually at neck level with the kitties so they don't have to move their heads down...or up. Is the bowl supposed to be above them so they have to reach for it or what?
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Hello, i am new to the group, i have two kittens 11 months old i feed them purina kitten chow mixed with meow mix original formula. Along with a can of tuna split in 1/2 2xs a day, Jerry one of the brother kittens after he eats tuna he throws up. Now he don't throw up each time but does throw up at least 3xs a month. Any ideas? Much thanks
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