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no one is ever in behavior forum tho :(

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That is why I post them here.
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YOu just have to be patient.....we always have to post the correct subject in the right forum..that is why they get moved...your posts will always be answered, but it might take a little longer...this forum does have more traffic, but rules are rules..just be patient...
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I can't be patient about my cats throwing up right now....all over the place I need answers NOW NOW NOW...LOL....sorry but I mean you would want an answer to if a cat just threw up all over something expensive of yours. And plus the kitties are in pain. Last week Day-Z choked on her food while she was throwing up, I don't want this to happen to Sox.
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While I understand your urgency, many of our resident experts don't check here in the Lounge. Many of them check first in the forums where they can help the most. Besides, if we let everyone post every question here in the Lounge, what would be the point of having the other forums? We have to have some kind of organization around here.
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O ya of course, that is why I'm not getting mad, I am just playing around. Just letting you do your job! What about an "EMERGENCY FORUM" just for people with questions they really need to know answer to.....haha maybe made especially for people like me who need answers. That way I'll just go to that site all the time, and you won't have to move my stuff! hehe
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i hate it when my posts get moved to, but the mods have to do what they have to do. People will find the post and answer it. It just sometimes isn't as many answer or as fast.
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When I visit the site I just click the "view new posts" and see all the forums and posts no matter where they may be!
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I'm learning...thanks for the help though
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One of our most knowledgable members, Sandie, doesn't get into the lounge much at all. Sandie works for a vet and her knowledge about cat care is quite extensive. She doesn't have loads of times to socialize, but she checks in frequently to the cat care forums to help those who have emergencies and problems.

If the posts were left in the lounge Sandie would never get to see them. I know the lounge has more traffic, but more traffic doesn't equate to the KIND of traffic that you need to see your post.

I think we have more members than we realize who only pop in to the other forums to help out other members who are having cat problems.
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I want to take a moment to refer to one of our rules:

No online advice can replace direct veterinary intervention. If you suspect that your cat may be ill, please contact your vet immediately.

Although the members of this forum attempt to be as helpful as possible regarding health issues with your pet, none of us is a vet, nor can we replace the advice of a medical professional. Neither the moderators nor the members are paid. You cannot possibly expect for an immediate online answer, as if this were some type of clinic.
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This is only my opinion, but if there is an emergency situation with your kitty, I wouldn't post about it, I'd get the cat to the vet. We have a lot of knowledgeable members here that know their stuff... it's not their job to visit the site and answer questions, they certainly don't get paid for it... they do it because they have more knowledge than some and are good-hearted people that want to help when they can.

Saying that, I still wouldn't personally post about my emergency situation and wait for an answer. To say that someone can diagnose your cat over the internet as well as a vet who can physically see your cat and run tests, would be silly. I hope you get your troubles with your kitty straightened out. I'd try another vet if you have to... it's just like with people doctors... sometimes you have to go through 10 before you find one that has a clue. (At least where I live.)
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Sorry Deb, must have been posting at the same time you were... you're just quicker!
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Another recommendation for topics you would like to know about is going to search. It will give you alot of different threads on the subject you may want to know about. I use search alot and it helps when you want to know about something specific.
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You beat me to it Deb. I was just about to say that. If you ever have an emergency, your first reaction should be to call your vet!

After that gets taken care of, then you can post here and ask questions. We are just people over the computer, we can not physically help you or prescribe your animals medicain. We are here for comfort and sometimes our experience and knowledge.
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Of course call the vet is the number one answer. I knew that. hehe...May'be I should slow it down and be a little more patient...I just want what is best for my kitties as you do. Thanks for the help!
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Most of the time when you post in Behavior, Health and Nutrition, or Care and Grooming, you have at least one or two replies fairly quickly. The traffic might be slower in there ,but the 'quality' of the replies is super.

Our resident 'cat experts' Hissy, Sandie, Anne and a few others check in on those boards on a very regular basis.
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