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I hope it's not too late!

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My two cats are going to be neutered this Friday. I just found out that Apollo my black (and most loveable cat) has started to spray in the bathroom sink. When I first saw him in the sink, I just thought he was getting into mischief so I didn't know he peed in the sink. But this Saturday when I was petting him he got off the bed, went into the litterbox did a tiny meeoooh and then went into the bathroom. Since he never really meows unless I take him to the vet I went to check on him. I saw his tail raised up quivering and when he saw me he got right out, I saw the pee this time and boy was it funky!

So I went to the vet because I thought maybe he had an UTI. Well they run the tests, and they tell me he's spraying because he's reached sexual maturity. Well on Sunday he sprayed in the sink again, but this time I had a piece of aluminum foil in there so it would splash him. Well he is so smart. He took my scarf put it in the sink on top of the foil and sprayed on it. This happened while I was asleep, I woke up and went to the bathroom and was greeted by that funky odor. I bought a black light and have searched the house and I haven't found any other spots, but I really hope it's not too late!

Thank goodness Rocky hasn't started spraying as well, but he has been crying a lot more, and they have been going to the door, I live in an apartment complex and I have seen two cats on the premises, so maybe thats why they are going crazy. I just wish this appointment was sooner, but our vet is so packed the earliest they were able to do.

I don't even know how old they really are the paperwork said 8 months, so that would make them about 9 months now. I know it was a gamble to get two cats that were not neutered, but I was hoping I'd be able to make it to the neuter date with no incidents.

Sorry this is so long, but I'm scared to death!
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Oh wow I hope it's not too late!! I am worrying it's not too late for Jake and he is 3 and a half months...He has been making those growls and acting crazy and humping but I haven't seen his spray yet..Most cats stop after they are neutered though right? I know that my boyfrieds' cat was neutered at 1 and he never sprayed...
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I doubt you have anything to worry about. I think it's only when they've gone unaltered for a long time that the spraying sticks around. Remember, beginning to spray and total sexual maturity are not the same thing. Sure they can reproduce but there are other changes that occur overtime in unaltered males like physical growth. They've still got a ways to go before they get there!
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Look! We're all from Georgia! Aren't we cool?
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We had an unaltered cat adopt us a very long time ago, and he was fully mature. He started spraying and we had him neutered, and he never sprayed again!
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I think it depends on the cat to some degree. Sometimes you get lucky... and sometimes nothing helps (see past threads).

Be thankful that he's spraying in the litter box and sink - most cats wouldn't be so "thoughtful".
Neutering should work to correct this - but it may take a few weeks for his hormone levels to settle down.

I have one I took in and neutered. He's at least two and doesn't spray at all - I'm not sure if he ever has.
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It depends on the cat.
My brother has a male that was fixed at about 4 months of age and he sprays everything.
He even sprayed my brothers hair.
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You should be fine till Friday. Its still very early with the spraying. I would keep them confined to a washable room so you don't have too much trouble with getting urine out of rugs, etc. Tom cat spray is tough to eliminate on furniture.
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Thanks guys, Friday can't come fast enough. Our main water pipe burst so I had to go out and get water. When I came back one of them peed on my stove. I don't know if that was a spray or not I cleaned it so quickly with Natures Miracle I didn't even bother to smell, but yuck!
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I have heard that some vets will give a newly-neutered male an injection of female hormones to counteract any residual male hormones that may be around. I don't know if this is true, or how widely practiced it is, or if it is a good idea, but there it is.
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Originally Posted by Libby'sMom View Post
Well he is so smart. He took my scarf put it in the sink on top of the foil and sprayed on it.
Oh my God! I am so sorry.... this is too funny! At least you get to laugh at the little mischief! Good Luck with the spaying!!
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