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who's seen it??? I didn't love the first movie but I thought this was GREAT!

I loved all the new characters they introduced.
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Hubby and kids LOVED it!
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Haven't seen it yet, but we all want to....
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Saw it, LOVED it!

Hubby was a real comic book geek in his earlier days, and he was really impressed that they kept with the feel of the comics. I don't think Wolverine is supposed to be a hottie, but that's an OK change in my book!
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I saw it last weekend and thought it was great.
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I hope to see it soon. I could have gone yesterday with some friends, but I wasn't in the mood to plan anything, know what I mean? I just needed some free time.

And making Wolverine so hot is fine by me, too.
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Saw it.
Loved it.
Hugh Jackman rocks!
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Hubby and I were suppossed to see in Saturday, but stupid me forgot my glasses at home, so we didn't end up seeing it. We're going to go next weekend.
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saw it
loved it
going to see it again and again and again
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Totally loved it, and loved the ending and how they were so mysterious about the kids gifts- makes for better story line next time. Still trying to figure out why Pyro went off to the dark side though? Scared of his gift maybe? The special effects were awesome!
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Pyro doesn't want to be limited with his gift. He doesn't like playing by all the good guy rules, and Magneto will give him every opportunity to exploit his gift.

He was a bad guy in the comic too, so I was a bit surprised to see him hanging out with Rogue and Iceman.
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Went to TRY and see it on opening weekend. Nix on that. Haven't gotten back yet. I loved the 1st one, so #2 can only be great!
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Oops! Sorry Deb- I got carried away....
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That's just a teeny tiny piece of the story, Deb. The ending will definitely still be a surprise. (Like I said, if you're familiar with the comics, you knew he'd turn anyway. )
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This movie kicked TOTAL butt!
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I had to dig down to page 4 to find this thread! I finally saw X-2 last night. It was awesome! My son gave away the ending 2 minutes before I went in the theater, but it was good anyway. Now, I gotta rent the Matrix, so I can catch up on Matrix Reloaded.....
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