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Journal Keeping

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I was wonder how many other members are into journal keeping?

I use to be for many years but got away from it about 10 years ago.
The reason I am asking is because several days ago I was cleaning out my utility room and came across a box I had stored in there when I moved 3 years ago. Now I had completely forgotten what was in the box it was just sitting on the shelf above the dryer collecting dust.

Anyway I finally got around to opening it and found my journals that I had keep from the time I was 10 right throw until I turned 35.

I have been having a blast the last few days re-reading them and marveling at how my way of thinking has evolved over those 25 years.
It's been quite a path down memory lane...I have to laugh at how melodramatic and dark I was as a teenager, so totally opposite to what I am like now.

So anyway I am curious about your journal keeping habits and would love to hear your thoughts when you go back and re-read them.
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I used to keep a journal untill I was in High School and my mom and dad started searching my room and found it. I was like a collection of reasons for them to ground me, and they did. I ended up getting ground for stuff that I had done in Middle School.

I do like to open it up and read it sometime. It is really fun to see how much the way I think has changed. I really enjoy reading what I wrote about when my best friend and I would fight. Cathy and I have been friends for 14 years and the stuff we used to fight about is just
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At 31, I still do. Although not near as regularly as I did when I was younger.

I stopped doing it daily when I was 24. I have a box under my bed of all of my journals
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I kept a journal through my late teens to my mid 20's but it seems I only wrote in it when I was upset, so it's rather depressing.
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I never really kept one. I would get one and write in it for a few days or weeks, then lose interest. I don't have any of them.
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I've kept a couple online journals, started one my freshman year of high school in 2001. I just re-read all the entries in one I kept from 2002 until 2005, then there was a couple entries from 2007 and one from 2009 in it now as I may begin to write in it again. I also have one on a different site I kept up with since 2005. I have a whole list of songs I want to download now that I was listening to back when I had that journal (it had a place to put what song you were listening to at the time). I think I was completely nuts back in HS

I have two written ones I started in 2003 and kept up with until 2007 or so.
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I have journalled from time to time over the years, usually in times of stress, as a way of keeping in touch with my thoughts and emotions. I have found it helpful in those times, but as soon as the pressure is off, the journalling falls by the wayside. Sometimes I think I'd like that to be different, but I have no illusions about the likelihood of my staying committed to the activity.
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I tried keeping a journal several times, but discarded every one after I reread what I had written.
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I keep journals of my dreams I am weird like that
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I write in a notebook. I guess you could call it a journal, but it contains more than just journal type entries. I have been writing in it since High School.
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i did it alot through high school, funny to see this post cause i just decided to start journaling again, havent kept one in about 5 yrs, i found one from when i was 19 and it was so cool reading it. so i just started a new one the other day, its small so i carry it with me and write when i feel like it, its a great place to vent as well.
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I used to, but I stopped writing in my journal (and writing much at all really) when I started dating my husband. I don't know why, but with someone else there all the time I wasn't comfortable writing in a journal anymore. Journals have always been really private for me, and I don't like to think ANYONE would read them. I really don't vent about my husband much (I don't really need to) but on days when I was upset I would write about it there, and I wouldn't want him to read about it I guess. So I just stopped.

Sometimes I think it would be nice... but my husband is the kind of guy that just isn't into privacy. Pretty much his biggest flaw, he wants to share everything (of himself and everything about me) but it is only a flaw from my perspective, as I have been a private person most of my life. It is tough sometimes! Maybe someday I will go back and read my old ones...
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