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With my laptop comes... a dilemma

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So I was sitting in our den yesterday, with my new laptop (well, it's a month old) in my lap, working on homework, when my dear Scamper-bear decided she wanted in my lap as well (she's a total lap kitty)... she would try to crawl into my lap, but the computer was there and that created a dilemma.

Scamper then proceeded to nudge the edge of my laptop, in an attempt to push it away and then ended up squeezing herself in between my laptop and my chest, forcing me to lay back a little which she sat on my stomach. Her but was on the mousepad, which is touch sensative, so she was clicking on random things without knowing!

It was uncomfortable, so I managed to push my laptop to my knees, giving her room to lay down and giving me the ability to actually SEE my laptop!

I just wanted to share... I tried to turn on my webcam and get a picture, but my phone rang and she jumped off
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my laptop has a touchpad/mouse too - i didn't like using it, tho. i got a wireless mouse to use instead, & turned off the touchpad. now, the worst thing they do is step on the capslock key & stuff like that.

altho, if i fall asleep w/it on my lap, Firefox will sit on the keyboard & open random windows
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yeah, Scamper is better about not walking on the keyboard... Annie, however... she thinks she's the center of attention and will do whatever she can to get attention...
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Cleo does that and I have pics of her doing it.
I have the touch mouse and and she has turned my comp off also.
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Mine has the touch mouse as well and Ricky Bobby has cause all sorts of trouble with it! I try my best to keep him off, but I just can't resist the way he comes between me and the laptop, purring his head off.
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I don't use the touch mouse because it's way too sensitive and the side of my thumb keeps hitting it when I type, causing words to delete and other annoying things. Nonetheless, Tofu *enjoys* sitting on my keypad when I'm on the laptop. Or he'll walk all over it.
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My touch mouse has a mind of it's own I prefer using my USB mouse but then again I like having it on my lap too!

My kitties love to sit on my laptop while I'm on it or even when I'm not on it
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